This excerpt was originally posted on the John Deere, Straightforward Blog September 21, 2011. You can view the original post here.

John Deere Heavy Equipment News

Last month we shared results of the Nebraska Tractor Tests, which demonstrated superior performance from the engine featured in the John Deere IT4 744K wheel loader, proving that emissions reductions and fuel efficiency can go hand in hand.

This month we are proud to share the results of an internal test* showing the same excellent fuel efficiency and productivity from another John Deere machine, the IT4-certified 850K Crawler Dozer.

When compared to a leading Interim Tier 4 (IT4), similarly equipped, 205-hp competitor in a slot trenching application, the 205-hp 850K consumed 7% less fuel and completed 7% more cycles per hour.

On IT4 machines, fuel consumption tends to increase during the exhaust filter cleaning process, the period when engines oxidize the particulate matter in their exhaust. In the 850K test, fuel consumption increased by 1.5 gallons per hour during this period, but that was still 4% better than the competitive dozer. At normal idle, the 850K’s fuel consumption was 21% better than the competitive dozer. When filter cleaning in an idle state, the fuel efficiency advantage jumped to 33%.

This strong performance from the 850K reinforces the fact that John Deere’s cooled EGR and exhaust filter solution for Interim Tier 4 is the right choice, right now.

*Test results are based on machines run at their maximum productivity limit and high engine loads under controlled conditions. The fuel consumption and productivity rates do not include idle time, breaks, non-productive operations, etc. Values should not be used to estimate job site production or operating costs, but they can be used as a relative comparison between machines.

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