John Deere 45 Loader Attachment: Perfect for All Your Landscaping Needs

March 25, 2013

It’s just about time to fire up your John Deere lawn tractor to tackle spring landscaping  jobs, but, in order to make your life easier, you might need the John Deere 45 Loader attachment. For every task that involves carrying, hauling, or moving material, the John Deere 45 Loader can help get the job done right.

John Deere 45 front end loader

If you find winter snow lingering on your lawn this spring, then the snow removal capabilities of the 48” standard bucket on the John Deere 45 front end loader can tackle the job. Or, if the snow has melted and the debris from strong winter winds has accumulated on your yard, the 45 Loader can easily haul away and pile up all unwanted material.

John Deere X740 compatible with 45 Loader

The engineers at Deere have designed the 45 Loader to be compatible with a number of new and used utility tractors, including:

  • All X700 Ultimate™ Tractors
  • X475
  • X485
  • X495
  • X575
  • X585
  • X595 Two- Wheel Steel Tractors

The Quik-tatch feature of the 45 Loader makes it a snap to install and remove. Once the initial installation takes place, no tools are required because the mounting brackets are equipped to remain on the tractor at all times.

John Deere 45 front end loaderCredit

After you’ve successfully attached the John Deere 45 Loader to your tractor, its boom and bucket movement are controlled by the hydraulic control levers located next to the steering wheel. This makes steering the tractor while operating the loader easy and keeps all landscaping tasks convenient, manageable, and user friendly.

John Deere X700 Ultimate series

Whatever carrying, hauling, moving, spreading, or piling tasks you have ahead of you this spring and summer, the John Deere 45 Loader is ready to reduce operator fatigue while improving the efficiency of your lawn care tasks.

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  • Jeffrey Black

    I want one of these so badly!

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  • Lillian Wauters

    Does anyone have one of these John Deere 45 loaders for an X485 tractor for sale? My husband is looking for one.

  • Dakota Fox

    I sold it, thanks for the interest.

  • Dakota Fox

    Try jimsrepairjimstractors dot com. That is where I got mine.

  • Sheila Kobs

    Do they make a tool box attachment for a John Deere 22hp lawn tractor?
    I need something to carrymy limb nippers and limb saw, or other fencing tools.

  • Joel Gunter

    I have a a John Deere 45 loader that goes on my X485. I don’t use it and want to sell it but I am having trouble finding any for sale to try and price it fair. Does anyone know about what these are worth. It is in really good condition.

  • Carl Bibb

    Joel, I want to buy the loader, where are you located?

  • Carl Bibb

    joel interested in buying your loader

  • Joel Gunter

    I live in Illinois about 40 miles south of Effingham. I have been looking and the lowest price online I’ve seen is $2300. I will take $1800 for it. Hoses and cylinders are in good shape I used it to haul horse manure from my barn, got rid of the horses so I don’t need it anymore. It has very light surface rust on the bucket where the paint rubbed off from use. Let me know what you think.

  • Carl Bibb

    Joel; would consider $1600 I am west of Omaha, so a bit of a trip to get, your thoughts

  • Joel Gunter

    Omaha, Il or Omaha, Ne? I would sell it for $1600. That was my bottom dollar.

  • Carl Bibb

    Omaha, NE consier it sold, what is easy way to contact you to arrange payment and pickup?

  • Joel Gunter

    That’s a long drive for this thing. How do you intend to pay?

    I am very cautious when doing deals like this. I know a couple of people that have been burned so I hope you’ll understand why I’m not ready to just throw all of my info out there. Nothing personal I’m just cautious.

  • Joel Gunter

    You can call me between 6:30 PM and 7:30 PM central time tonight @ 618-547-7722. If you call another time and I’m not there you can leave your number and they will get it to me when I go by to check on things. I am usually there a few times a day.

  • Carl Bibb

    Will do