John Deere 950 Tractor Capacity: Key Facts Every Operator Should Know

March 26, 2013

Every John Deere 950 tractor is equipped to attach a John Deere 80 loader for all types of loading and lifting jobs. While the two are not sold as one it is rare to see one without the other; the combination of these two pieces of equipment provides operators with a powerful machine capable of completing a number of residential yard and gardening tasks.

Before hitching the loader to the tractor it is important that operators know what they’re dealing with. We recommend committing the following key facts to memory if you’re planning to put a John Deere 950 tractor loader to use.

JD 950 tractor loaderCredit

Loader Speed: This is referring to how quickly and fluidly the loader picks up and releases loads. The time it takes for the loader to go from a ground position to its maximum height of 8 feet is approximately 4.3 seconds. When lowering the loader back to its resting position it will take about 2.6 seconds. The bucket dump and roll back of the loader have times of their own; 4.7 seconds and 2.8 seconds, respectively.

The speed of the John Deere 950 tractor loader makes it a highly productive and efficient machine without sacrificing precision or safety.

John Deere 950 tractor with 80 loaderCredit

Dump Distances: At a maximum height of 8 feet the Deere 80 loader has a dump clearance of approximately 6 feet with a dump reach of 2 feet. Fully extended, the buck reaches 4.5 feet in front of the tractor in order to dump material in a spot that may be difficult a John Deere compact tractor  to reach on its own. At ground level, the bucket rollback measure 22 inches.

John Deere 950 tractor with a Deere loaderCredit

Loader Capacity: The strength of the John Deere 950 tractor loader is what makes it such a powerful machine; the bucket has a lift force of 1,800 pounds and can lift 920 pounds at full height. When the bucket is on the ground it can pry with a force of more than twice that at 2,060 pounds. The power packed into this single 53-inch wide bucket gives operators the convenience and capacity to complete even the largest and heaviest jobs.

John Deere 950 tractor loaderCredit

When using a John Deere 950 tractor it is essential that you know every feature’s capacity and purpose before putting it into gear; the same is true when attaching the 80 loader. If you have any facts to add about using the 950 with an 80 loader please leave us a comment; we’d love to hear from you.

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