John Deere MachineFinder Gets Social

July 16, 2009

Ladies and gentlemen, John Deere is now social! You’ve made us a part of your work and lives for the past 172 years, and now we’re making you a part of ours by connecting with you online:

Twitter, FriendFeed, and Plurk

Follow MachineFinder on Twitter!

On Twitter, you can follow us @MachineFinder. We’re answering your questions in 140 characters or less, and bringing you useful links and updates/news relating to agriculture. We participate in #agchat every Tuesday from 8-10pm EDT with the rest of the crowd on great agricultural and farming topics.

Friendfeed is a great place to keep track of all Machine Finder updates, giving you the ability to like and comment on all of them in one location. We also have a MachineFinder Plurk account for your convenience.


Join our Facebook Fan Page!

Facebook offers a great platform to get to know your friends and participate in the pages of your favorite companies. MachineFinder has a Facebook Page, and we’d be glad to chat with you there.

Send a John Deere Tractor!

The coolest thing is that MachineFinder now has an application on Facebook, called Send a John Deere, where you can give your best buddies a good old John Deere tractor and many more of your favorite agricultural equipment. For each gift you send to four friend, you unlock another gift – and trust that they get better as you send more.

For the more visually inclined, both a Flickr and a Youtube account are in the works and will be presented soon.


MachineFinder is blogging now, and you’re already on it! We’ll be posting some great articles on what’s going on in the AG world and providing updates with what we’re up to. To keep up to date with the posts on our blog, either subscribe to the RSS feed or subscribe via e-mail. Both options are available in the upper right corner of the blog.

We’d love to reach you where you are most comfortable. Come join the party!

Ps: Be sure to catch us on Google Plus!

  • Steven R. Mason

    Thanks for sending me a John Deere. Believe it or not, in my younger farming days, we had John Deere tractors and equipment for our farm work and we got er done.

    Look forward to following your blog and we appreciate our farmers and families sacrifice for America, especially the small farmer.

    Wishing you folks the best and we will be chatting with you in the near future.
    If you need any chemical info or want to talk chemicals, please feel free to contact me anytime. Chemically Green has a complete line of synthetic lubricants that are excellent for use on farm equipment.
    All the best,
    Steven R. Mason
    Chemically Green
    “Green Solutions for Today”

  • Bart Gragg | Blue Collar U

    I just followed you on Twitter. I have been a Deere fan since we used to buy used E95R’s for our rice farm in Louisiana. I loved those old machines.

    The reason I am looking at Deere’s sites is I know you have a presence in Ukraine. I saw some Deere harvesters there last year and in 2006. I am working on a long shot project for a small village in the D’nipropetrovsk region.

    I need a quote for a 5055D or equiv. and plow/disc attachment that would be good for 1/2 to 3 acre ground prep. for cash crops and personal family plot preparation.

    Currently most of the work is done by hand, but my sense is that labor is aging with youth moving to cities, etc. I know of some people that want to help out over there and maybe purchase some equipment, so I am doing some research for them.


    Bart Gragg