Product Spotlight: 7 Reasons the John Deere 2520 Tractor Will Benefit Your Farm

February 2, 2012

John Deere 2520

The John Deere 2520 tractor includes numerous cutting edge features that will make farming simple for large or small scale jobs. It encompasses a combination of speed, control, power, and comfort to get the job done in an efficient, safe, comfortable manner. The operator of this machine will experience a large tractor feel in a smaller package that delivers reliable results.

Differential Lock

The 2520 4WD Compact Tractor includes a differential lock which increases traction and pulling power by ensuring each wheel can apply as much rotational force as the traction under it will allow, and the torques on each side-shaft will be unequal. This allows the tractor to have traction on even the most inconsistent surfaces allowing the operator to take on a job regardless of terrain.

26.5 HP Hydrostatic Transmission engine

The 2520’s hydrostatic transmission provides infinite speed selection without clutching or shifting required for direction changes. The operator will notice an effortless, smooth transition while up or down shifting to change speeds at their leisure.

4WD with Mid and Rear PTO’s

Four wheel drive and independent mid and rear PTO’s are included on the 2520, providing power needed to all four wheels on the machine as well as attached parts that may be towed or pulled.

Power Steering and Twin Touch Foot Pedals

Power steering provides optimum performance in even the toughest conditions and will maintain high performance while equipped with a front loader. It has a brake turn radius of 7.5 feet and a non-brake turn radius of 8.2 feet, allowing it to rotate around small flower beds or fences sharply. The 2520 is also equipped with Twin Touch two-pedal foot controls with a cruise control option to simplify control over speed.

High-backed contoured seat

While being a powerful machine on the ranch or farm, the Deere 2520 will provide comfortable use for hours at a time with its high-backed contour seat that is suspended for added operator comfort.

Category I 3-point hitch

The Deere 2520 comes with a standard Category I 3-point hitch with 1250 lbs. of capacity 24” behind the arm, which allows for a large amount of power to be applied to an object. This hitch is compatible with over 50 different rear attachments, giving your tractor unique versatility.

Auto-bleed fuel system and Wet-disk brakes

The auto-bleed fuel system ensures an easy refill if the tractor runs dry, just refill and restart and you will be on your way. The 2520 also offers wet disk brakes that are long-lasting due to moisturizing from the hydraulic system, making the machine easy to stop when needed.

The John Deere 2520 possesses numerous performance, safety, and mechanical features to help complete the job on the farm or ranch with power and safety while maintaining a small tractor feel. The operator will experience immense control due to power steering, a differential lock, and wet-disk brakes, coupled with the power of a 26.5 HP engine with 4WD capabilities. The 2520 will simplify work on your mid-sized farm as it encompasses a unique blend of strength and control.