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Construction Videos: Bright Yellow or John Deere Green?

November 8, 2012

 by Machinefinder

When most people think of John Deere, they think of combines harvesting grain, row crops tilling land, or even a simple mower riding up and down a lawn. But farming equipment isn’t the only kind of heavy machinery John Deere has in its arsenal. There’s also construction equipment, and we have a some great John Deere construction videos lined up. Whether it be crawler dozers, backhoe loaders, or even forklifts, John Deere manufactures a wide variety of construction equipment, so let’s take a look. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video must be worth a million, right?


John Deere K-Series Wheel LoaderSee what these K-Series wheel loaders can do! By watching them carry crushing amounts of weight and conquer steep climbs, you’ll gain a multi-view perspective of what these machines can accomplish.


John Deere Skid Steer: A Skid Steer is a machine that has wheels on each side that can be mechanically locked. The operator will typically turn the left or the right pairs of wheels at different speeds, which will allow the machine to turn by skidding.


John Deere Motor Grader: A motor grader is frequently used in the construction of dirt and gravel roads; they also prepare a base for asphalt to be placed on. The key to the motor grader is the long blade, which creates a flat surface.


John Deere Excavators: Excavators can be found in many shapes in sizes, but they are most useful for the tasks of demolition, heavy lifting, mining, dredging, and more. Excavators can sometimes also be found under various aliases such as diggers, mechanical shovels, and, in the UK, even ‘rubber ducks.’


John Deere Stinger Scarifier Edge: These attachments, used to help penetrate tough gravel roads and smooth them out, are an ideal addition to the motor grader. “It’s our 360-degree carbide bit rotation that makes this possible—fracturing hard-packed roads in one or two passes.” We can’t argue with an explanation like that!

We hope you enjoyed these John Deere construction videos full of motor grading, excavating action! John Deere is all about farming, lawn, and garden, but we also have quite an extensive collection of construction vehicles. Every now and then you’ll see us sporting that bright yellow in addition to the John Deere green!

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