One of the great things about owning John Deere construction equipment is that there’s always new attachments that you can add to get the most our of your machinery. In order to maximize your investment, your crew not only needs the tools and attachments, but they need the proper training as well.


In this video gallery, we’ll take a look at some of the key attachments you can add to your construction equipment and how they should be used on your job site.

John Deere Worksite Pro Hammer

Learn about the John Deere Worksite Pro™ Hammer. In this training video, you will get a better idea of the installation process, maintenance, key features, advantages/benefits, applications, operating tips, removal, and storage procedures. See it all in action with this HH60C Hammer demonstration.

John Deere Worksite Pro Root Rake

In this training video, you will learn about the John Deere Worksite Pro Root Rake including attachment installation, proper maintenance, important features and benefits, applications, tips, removal, and additional procedures. Watch this demonstration on a RR84 Root Rake to rake in the profits.

John Deere Worksite Pro Cold Planer

Resurface your knowledge. In this attachment training, we explore the John Deere Worksite Pro Cold Planer. Similar to the videos above, you’ll learn about installation, maintenance, features, advantages, and more.

John Deere Worksite Pro Trencher

Learn about the features and benefits of John Deere Worksite Pro Trencher, a heavy-duty driving system that eliminates chain reduction. If you’re looking to improve productivity on the worksite, this video is worth tuning into.

John Deere Worksite Pro Snow Blower

Get the most our of your investment even during winter months. Here you will have a chance to see the John Deere Worksite Pro Snow Blower in action and learn more about the installation process, maintenance procedures, and key features and benefits.

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