Those that work on job sites understand the value that John Deere skid steers and compact track loaders can bring to the table. And, like most pieces of equipment, they can become even more valuable when attachments are added. Individuals (or crews) that are looking to install pipelines at a construction site should consider investing in a John Deere trencher.

John Deere Trencher

So, what exactly is a John Deere trencher and what are some of the benefits?

What Options Does John Deere Offer?

John Deere has an assortment of trenchers that range in sizes from 36-60″. There are currently three different models available for purchase:

  • TR36B
  • TR48B
  • TR60B

When Should a Trencher Be Used?

There are a variety of uses for a John Deere trencher. As their name indicates, these pieces of equipment are designed to dig trenches at various widths and depths. Trenches are commonly used to dig utility, gas, water, electrical and drainage lines.

John Deere currently offers six and eight-inch standard cup teeth, which should be selected based on the desired width of the cut. Shark tooth packages are available for harder and more compact digging applications.

What Are the Features and Benefits of a John Deere Trencher?

  • John Deere trenchers feature small displacement hydraulic motors that power the planetary reduction drives. This gives the equipment low speed with very high torque.
  • A skid plate underneath the motor protects it from damage and is used as a gauge to judge the trench, preventing the auger from digging into the ground (which can greatly reduce efficiency).
  • An angular flare on the end of the auger throws material that has been churned out to the side, letting the operator know the auger is a good distance from the ground.
  • The spring-loaded tensioner absorbs shock in the chain. Unlike most other trenchers, John Deere’s equipment does not include a sprocket at the end of the boom. It instead uses an elephant ear-patterned roller on the end that helps to carry material away.

Final Thoughts

The next time you’re faced with a project that requires the digging of a trench, consider adding a trencher attachment to your equipment to get the job done quick and easy.¬†Contact your local John Deere dealer for more information about the different John Deere trencher options.

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