John Deere Inventions

John Deere inventions have been serving the agricultural, forestry, and construction community for decades and the dedication to quality spans 175 years. John Deere was, and still is an inspiring pioneer in regards to the innovative design and production of tractor equipment, which can be seen through Deere’s introduction of new equipment, financial success, global expansion, and a guarantee of reliable machinery. The following images give a visual representation of the milestones the John Deere company has achieved in nearly two centuries of business.

1837 First Self-Scouring Plow: Deere designs a plow that can cut through the sticky Midwestern soil.

 John Deere inventions. First Self-Scouring Plow

1890 First Product Expansion: Deere offers plows, cultivators, harrows, drills and planters, wagons, and buggies.

 John Deere inventions- the Sulky Plow

1918 First Tractors Sold: Deere buys the maker of Waterloo Boy tractors and sells 5,634 in the first year.

 John Deere invention of the Waterloo Boy

1927 First John Deere Combine: Deere releases the first combine, the John Deere No. 2. One of the major John Deere inventions.

 John Deere inventions blue print

1956 First Global Business: Deere sets up operation in Mexico, buys a majority interest in Germany, and establishes a small presence in Spain.

 John Deere inventions- tractors

1963 First Consumer Equipment: John Deere inventions enter the consumer market with lawn and garden plows and mowers.

John Deere inventions. Residential equipment.

1979 First Four-Row Cotton Picker: John Deere inventions bring about the introduction of the John Deere cotton picker that promises productivity increases of up to 85 percent.

 John Deere invents the cotton picker

1992 First Gator Utility Vehicle: John Deere releases a utility vehicle that can haul tremendous cargo loads.

 John Deere inventions and improvement. The John Deere Gator

2011 First Record Set for New Products: Deere launches a record number of new products that enhance power, comfort, and performance.

John Deere inventions. Large tractors

As technology advances and new equipment is released, the John Deere company will continue to be active, growing, successful, and dedicated to quality. With the level of innovation that comes out of the John Deere family and community, we will surely see many more “firsts.” So stay tuned!

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