Tractor Safety Tips

It could be argued there’s nothing more important than tractor safety. However, successfully operating a tractor is contingent upon following some essential tractor safety tips. We’ll provide some of those tips to you right here. After all, enjoying your John Deere tractor involves following some safety precautions before and during use.

1. Know Your Tractor!

Tractor Safety Tips


Knowledge is power when it comes to tractor safety tips, so arm yourself with as much knowledge about your machine as you can. Not only can this help prevent injury or damage to your tractor, but it can also help you understand when your tractor is running well so you can act quickly and precisely on problems should they arise.

2. Use ROPS (Rollover Protective Structure)

John Deere Roll Bar -Tractor Safety Tips


When a tractor fatality does occur, it’s usually caused by an overturn. John Deere is sure to include ROPS and seat belts in its machines to guard against any potential operator injuries on the off-chance they occur.

3. Drive Safely

It’s important to know what kind of terrain you will be driving your tractor on and to follow all tractor safety guidelines. Taking turns slowly and staying away from highways are important rules that should never be overlooked.

4. Gentlemen (and Women), Start Your Engines…Away From a Shed or Garage


Carbon monoxide is colorless, odorless, and deadly. Think of your tractor as you do your automobile. You wouldn’t start your car in the garage because the inhalation of carbon monoxide is very dangerous and can be fatal. In that same sense, be sure to fire up your tractor outside.

5. Never Jump Off a Moving Tractor


Let’s be fair, you shouldn’t ever jump off a moving vehicle, period. But runaway tractors can be especially dangerous, so never do an early dismount while your tractor’s moving or even leave it alone with the engine running.

6. Not Child’s Play

toy tractor


We’re fond of John Deere enthusiasts of all ages, but scale your tractor to size! Toy tractors are meant for our younger Deere generations, while the large tractors are meant for adults. Keep all children off and away from your tractor.

7. Patience Is a Virtue

Tratcor safety guide


There’s no need to be in a hurry with your tractor. Accidents usually happen when an operator is rushing to get a job done too fast, so take your time remember the safety tips we reviewed.

A tractor need not be a dangerous machine. If used in a correct and safe manner, no operator should ever be in an unfortunate position. One of the most important things farmers can do is to follow tractor safety tips and guidelines; it’s the number one way to ensure a safe and smooth ride.

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