New and used equipment contributes to our daily lives, whether we realize it or not. Used equipment can harvest corn, beans, and cotton; aid in the construction process; and even contribute to the production of items like paper towel or lumber. So take a look at some of these pieces of used heavy equipment; they may just help you get through your day!


used heavy equipment combine

A combine is an essential piece of farm equipment used to harvest corn and soy beans which are a staple to the modern diet and economy. The next time you sit down to dinner and reach for a side of corn, this John Deere combine can be a reminder of how this food makes it onto your plate.

Row Crop

used heavy equipment row crop

John Deere row crop tractors are vehicles specifically designed to deliver effective torque at low speeds and can support many agricultural functions when the proper implements are attached to it. It can be used to plant, cultivate, haul grain and spray (just to name a few) along with many other functions!

Round Baler

used heavy equipment round baler

Ever wonder how hay gets into that large cylindrical shape? It’s due to equipment like this John Deere round baler. The round baler rolls up hay within the machine and then wraps it. This is a pivotal step in creating silage, which can be then fed to animals like cattle or sheep, which, in turn, helps feed and cloth you.


used heavy equipment crawler dozer

One of the most diverse pieces of heavy equipment is the one shown above. It can be found anywhere, from mines to military bases and heavy industry factories to farms. John Deere crawler dozers are most useful for conversion or construction work and are often used to move around dirt, sand, and rubble.


used heavy equipment excavator

This machine is referred to in the UK as a rubber duck, but here we call it an excavator. If you’ve driven by any construction site, you’ve most likely seen of these. The foundation on your house was probably even dug out by one.

Motor Graders

used heavy equipment motor grader

This machine is a John Deere motor grader. While the excavator and crawler/dozer are designed for larger, rougher jobs, the motor grader’s mission is to create flat surfaces.

Backhoe Loader

used heavy equipment backhoe loader

Scaling down in size, we come to the backhoe loader, sometimes referred simply to as a backhoe. The backhoe, as seen here, has a bucket on the front and small backhoe on the back. These are useful machines, particularly in an urban setting where space is tight.

Knuckleboom Loader

used heavy equipment  knuckleboom

A knuckleboom loader is used in forestry and is essentially a log loader.  The knuckleboom loader has a wide range swing circuit that helps with the delimbing and loading of logs. It is a tool necessary in the production of paper goods.


used heavy equipment forwarder

What else in our lives comes from new and used heavy equipment? John Deere Forwarders! Also used in the logging process, forwarders are the trailers that carry the logs. The lumber that contributed to your home was most likely transported by a forwarder.

Used Swing Machine

used heavy equipment swing machine

Our final logging machine is the John Deere swing machine. Swing machines look very similar to excavators, and while they are often used as harvesters/processors, they are also helpful in building roads.

New and used equipment has a great impact on our daily lives, even if we aren’t the ones operating the machines. From harvesting cotton and corn, to the baling of hay, and building roads, heavy equipment affects us all.

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