A farmer’s day begins before sunrise and ends as the sun slips below the horizon. From the warmth of a spring growing season to the bitter chills that accompany the winter, it’s a farmer’s job to get up every morning and work the land.

Join us as we walk through more than 80 John Deere images that give a snapshot of a farmer’s workday, from sunrise to sunset. Use the links below to navigate through each section of the day.

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John Deere Morning

A farmer’s morning is an early one, so it’s fitting to include images that capture the blues and purples that eventually become golden hues. Shooting across fields and bouncing off tractors, these beams of light give us our first glimpse of John Deere machines at the start of a long day.

The Work Day with John Deere

As the sun rises high in the sky, the workday progresses and these John Deeres power through the field. From plowing to digging and planting to harvesting, the workday is in full swing, so let’s check in to see what’s going on!

John Deere at Sunset

While you may be eating dinner, John Deere is still hard at work. As those last golden rays sink below a beautiful landscape, a Deere is rumbling along somewhere in the distance. Here’s a glimpse:

John Deere at Night

While you may be laying your head to rest, dedicated John Deere farmers are turning on their headlights and chugging along until every last piece of cotton is picked and every stock harvested. Have a look for yourself:

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