As crop planting and seeding season swings into full force, many United States crop farmers will be in the fields from sunrise to sunset, preparing the ground and delivering seed into trenches during long days. While we understand these demanding days allow for a minimum amount of relaxation time for those on the fields, we wanted to put together an image gallery of John Deere planting and seeding equipment in action, to give farmers and agriculture enthusiasts a look at the crop planting process from outside the cab. So, take a moment to scroll  through this image gallery of 25 pieces of John Deere planting and seeding equipment in action, enjoy!

1720 CCS Twin Row Integral Planter

1910 Commodity Air Cart

Overhead DB Planter

John Deere Air Hoe Drills

John Deere Air Seeding on Plains

John Deere Air Seeding Planting

John Deere Box Drills

John Deere Conventional Till Drill

John Deere DB Planter Partly Cloudy Day

John Deere DB Planter with Siloes

John Deere DB Planter

John Deere Drawn Planter Planting

John Deere Field with Water

Front of Tractor Planting

John Deere No Till Air Drill Mountains

John Deere No Till Air Drill Series

John Deere Planting Up Close

John Deere Planter on Field

John Deere Planting Overcast Sky

John Deere Row Units Planter

John Deere Till Drill Box Series on Road

MaxEmerge Planter

No-Till Air Drill

Planting and Seeding Equipment

John Deere Planter from Behind

Each of these images provide a look from the outside of what John Deere planting and seeding equipment looks like in action during the peak of planting season. Whether your want to share your thoughts on these photos, or have a photo of your own to submit, we’d love to hear from you on our Facebook page!

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