Whether you’re dealing with sticky, dry, uneven, or any other type of soil, there’s no better choice than the John Deere 670 offset disks to till right through the toughest conditions. For these spring tasks that require tillage equipment, we recommend you rely on the new John Deere 670 series single offset disks for the following 4 reasons:

John Deere 670 Series Single Offset Disks

1. Choose between a combination scraper, or rigid scraper for your JD 670 offset disks, depending on your field’s soil conditions. A combination scraper self-adjusts to push through sticky soil without getting caked in residue. The rigid scrapers are designed for use in softer soil and can be used long-term because this soil is less damaging.

2. At the front of the disks there is a single-point depth control that provides an immense range of depth options with easy adjustment. The ease in adjusting depths allows users to push disks deep into the soil or keep the disks close to the surface without having to pull out a metal depth stopper. This adjustment prevents excessive soil displacement and erosion from regularly digging too far into the ground.

3. Self-aligning Dura-Flex™ “gang bearings” are a standard feature of the John Deere 670 that ensure seals are protected from wire and twine. The bearings’ capacity to self-align ensures the user that preload and load thrusts will be minimized. The Self-aligning Dura-Flex™ is an essential element of tillage in that it helps to keep the disks moving in a constant and smooth motion without damaging other parts of the tillage equipment.

4. There is no field obstacle too big for the Deere 670 offset disks, thanks to the straight cast standards that direct thrusts upward to avoid obstacles and prevent the gang tube from being twisted in the process. Since in-field obstacles can be damaging to the disks and to the overall tillage process, it’s important to have a machine that is designed to muscle through tough terrain.

John Deere 670 combination scrapers

The features of the 2013 John Deere 670 series single offset disks make it a useful and reliable piece of tillage equipment no matter what type of soil and terrain it faces. Even the toughest tillage tasks don’t stand a chance next to its powerful blades.

Photos courtesy of Deere.com

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