Haymaking is an integral aspect of farming and its importance is not likely to fade at any point in the near future. For successful haymaking, the producer needs to be experienced and have the prime conditions in place for haymaking as well as the appropriate equipment to make the baling process simpler.

Designed to strengthen the operation process, the John Deere 9 Series Baler includes several features to produce a better bale; it also allows the producer to preserve high-quality hay for greater livestock feed, improving overall business.

In this post, we will put a spotlight on two videos that answer frequently asked questions about the John Deen 9 Series Baler and highlight its key features.

RFD-TV Q&A Panel Discussion: John Deere 9 Series Round Balers

This 35-minute video features Laura Cobb, Sr. Marketing Representative, John Deere Ottumwa Works, and Jeremy Unruh, Product Line Manager, John Deere Ottumwa Works, who provide some background about the John Deere 9 Series Balers before fielding a series of questions from 9 Series Baler operators.

Caller questions spur the experts to expand on several topics relating to the baler. Topics covered include specific attachments available for the 9 Series Baler, the qualities that make the premium models unique, ground and weather conditions’ effects on the baler, safety offerings, life expectancy of the balers, horsepower requirements, ease of operation, and much more.

Watch the video for yourself to hear the complete answers from the experts. They might help address questions you have about the 9 Series Baler!

RFD-TV: Benefits and Features of the John Deere 9 Series Round Balers

This 15-minute video takes a feature-by-feature look into what the John Deere 9 Series Round Baler has to offer the farmer. Jeremy Unruh and Laura Cobb discuss several features and benefits as they walk around the baler discussing its key offerings. A brief explanation behind the model numbers is offered, as well as the in-cab monitor functionality and importance to the operator. According to the experts, these monitors enable the operator to switch between different baler options, adjust the height of the baler, and more. Other specifications featured on the walk-around with the experts include the adjustable hitch, PTO shaft types, various pick-up options, cleaning belts, twine storage, tire types, and the push-bar ejection system.

For additional information and features of the John Deere 9 Series Round Baler, please take a look at the following resources:

The John Deere 9 Series Round Baler is one-of-a-kind, with many features that can make the haymaking process easier. We hope these videos gave some insight into why the John Deere 9 Series Baler should be considered by farmers producing large quantities of hay or just a few bales a year.

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