Without a premium tractor, long days in the field can often feel even longer. However, thanks to the John Deere 6150M tractor, days will feel shorter as it provides the power needed for any task in even the toughest conditions. This beast of a tractor also promises comfort, control, and visibility from within the cab, as well as simple serviceability in the situation of needed repair or maintenance.

John Deere 6150M tractor

Let’s take a look into some of the features specific to the John Deere 6150M, and what separates it from the rest, allowing the operator to achieve more during those long days in the field.

Ample Power: Row-crop attachments can often place a heavy load on the tractor, meaning an abundance of power is needed to successfully roll through the fields during a long day. The 6150M features a PowerTech PVX engine which is air-to-air aspirated, delivering constant power over a wide range of RPM with a power bulge above rated power to provide a lot of torque during adverse conditions.

John Deere PowerTech PVX Engine

Operators of this machine can enable the FieldCruise feature during lighter loads to simplify the driving process. This feature can be set between 1100 and 2100 RPM, automatically maintaining engine speed for the user, thus a constant ground speed as the load on the tractor varies. This will ensure the attachments will not be damaged and the process will remain consistent.

Comfort, Control and Visibility: From within the cab, the operator of this tractor will experience maximum comfort, control, and visibility all in one. This machine features 310 degree visibility, ensuring accurate placement of the tractor, implement hookup, and overall performance. A large comfortable seat, power outlets, storage, and a toolbox inside the Roll-Gard structure provide an opportunity to make the tractor an office on wheels.

Inside of a John Deere

Keeping control of the tractor, even at lower speeds, is made simple thanks to hydraulic steering, providing optimum performance and efficiency with minimal effort. The hydraulic pump is utilized when needed, even at low speeds, when steering assistance is needed most.

Serviceability:  In the event of a breakdown somewhere within the tractor, or if maintenance is required, serviceability is made easy. The hood on the 6150M tilts open 60 degrees with the use of a tab on the right-front side of the tractor. This allows the operator to have easy access from the ground to the engine oil filter, engine fule filter, coolant recovery tank, radiator cleanout screens, and air cleaner.

The tilting cab design on the tractor also allows access to the rear differential and transmission, reducing the amount of time and money spent on this area of the machine.

The John Deere 6150M row-crop tractor includes several features that make it a versatile, easy to operate tractor with the power to get a variety of jobs done easy in the most adverse conditions. With the 6150M, hopefully long days on the field will be made less taxing on the operator.

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