Designed to mow well fast, models within the John Deere X300 Series are all a great choice for operators looking to deliver a high-quality cut to their lawn with comfort. With effortless steering and other control features, the X300 Series is the ideal equipment to get around obstacles on the property and trim with precision.

John Deere X330 vs. X350

John Deere Lawn Tractor Model Comparison: X330 vs. X350

The John Deere X330 and X350 are two of the most popular lawn tractors in the X300 Series and we have seen a number of buyers and existing customers looking for information comparing the two. Without further delay, let’s jump right into our John Deere X330 vs. X350 model comparison.


The X330 is powered by a 20-hp (14.9-kW) cyclonic V-twin engine, providing the necessary power and torque to take on tough tasks around the yard such as mulching and mowing. The cyclonic air system removes any larger particles of dirt before they can come in contact with the filter. The air filter cover can be easily removed thanks to two conveniently-placed knobs. The X330 features a large 724-cc displacement.

In comparison, the X350 gets its power from an 18.5-hp (13.8-kW) iTorque™ power system. This system combines engine features and hood design to provide operators with ample lugging ability, even cooling, and toughness. The X350 engine features a 603-cc displacement.


Both the John Deere X330 and X350 have a pinion steering system on-board that allows operators to take full control and steer with precision. The 16-in. radius lets operators maneuver around any obstacles that might stand in their way.


All John Deere X300 Series models are made from a heavy-formed and welded steel material. These frames provide the tractors with greater strength and the built-in weight bracket on the two-wheel-steer models allows the X330 and X350 to support up to two 42-lb. Quick-Tatch weights.

Exact Adjust

Both the John Deere X330 and X350 come with Exact Adjust leveling ports on each side of the operator station. With a hex-shaped tool, these ports allow operators to adjust the mower deck to achieve the best quality of cut possible. With this feature, X330 and X350 owners do not have to reach under the fender to make adjustments.


Now that we’ve taken a look at what lives inside the X330 and X350 Tractors, let’s take a look at the exterior. All X300 models feature smooth and rounded contours to give off a modern appearance. The material that the hood is made from will resist weathering and rust while also providing impact strength to protect from denting.

Final Thoughts

We hope this post provided you with the information needed to identify what’s similar and different among the John Deere X330 and X350 options. If you’re looking for more information on these models, check out the following posts:

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