As the fall corn harvest approaches, producers are preparing themselves as well as their machines for a few long months in the fields, cutting, chopping, and storing grain to achieve the largest yield possible.

While a number of factors contribute to a successful harvest, equipment such as the John Deere 606C StalkMaster Corn Head can greatly increase productivity, allowing operators to size and chop corn stalks while harvesting, eliminating second-pass operations and saving time, fuel, labor and additional tractor operating costs.

In this post, we will highlight some features of the 606C StalkMaster Corn Head that will allow operators to chop their way to success during this year’s fall harvest.

John Deere StalkMaster Corn Head

Knife Stalk Rolls: Comprised of eight opposed, full-length blades, this feature results in better stalk control, improved stalk processing, and reduced material (non-grain) intake. The knife stalk rolls adequately cut and size cornstalks 10-inches to 16-inches in height during harvest and are optimized to increase overall capacity and minimize losses.

AutoTrac RowSense: Long days on the field could feel much shorter when using the AutoTrac RowSense feature, which integrates GPS data from StarFire receivers and communicates with feeler sensors, located on the corn head. This system automatically guides the combine down the row at optimal speeds, as AutoTrac steering and RowSense work together to keep the machine on the row in even the harshest conditions, maximizing yields.

John Deere AutoTrac RowSense

Lower Auger Bed Floor: The goal of the harvest is to obtain and preserve as much quality grain as possible. A lower auger bed floor stops free grain loss, prevents back feeding, and reduces the chance of ear damage. The bed on the 600 Series corn heads is lower than other Deere models, allowing crop to move into the auger bed and away from the row unit.

Dual Auger Strippers: Corn producers know the frustrations that can stem from heavy grass, vines, or wet corn getting wrapped up in the auger. The top and bottom auger strippers work together to reduce the total amount of build-up within the auger.

Chopping Gearcase: The chopping gearcase and accompanying blades are the muscle behind the CornStalk Master system. The gearcase mounts on the corn head frame beside the row-unit gearcase, with blades turning at 2200 rpm, providing massive amounts of torque. The blades are heat-treated and wear-coated to handle harsh stalk-cutting conditions, extending in longer blade life.

John Deere Corn Head

The John Deere 606C StalkMaster Corn Head includes many features that can simplify this year’s fall corn harvest, maximizing yields with maximum productivity. If you enjoyed this post, or want to read others, feel free to connect with us on Facebook!

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