Having the right equipment available during corn harvesting season can make a significant difference in accuracy, speed, operating costs, and most importantly, yields. John Deere headers are designed to match the power and performance of the combines that propel them through the fields. With corn head offerings spanning all the way up to 18 rows, Deere’s headers are built to take on any conditions and allow operators to harvest as quickly and efficiently as possible.

John Deere Combine Harvesting Corn

Rather than just talking about the benefits John Deere headers can provide during the corn harvest, we’ve decided to put together an image gallery of 20 headers in action. Enjoy!

600C Corn Header

600C Series Header

606C Header

606C StalkMaster Corn Header

608C Header

612C Header

9570STS Combine with Header

AutoTrac with Header from Side

Combines in Field with Headers

Corn Header from Behind

Front of Header

Headers from Inside Cab

Headers with AutoTrac

S Series Combines in Field Front

S Series Header from Above

S Series with Header

S550 Combine with Header

S690 with Header in Field

S690i with 612C Header

STS Combine with 606C Corn Header

With corn harvesting season fast-approaching, we hope this John Deere headers image gallery has gotten you motivated to create some lasting images of your own in the fields this year. Happy harvesting! If you enjoyed this post, or want to read others, feel free to connect with us on Facebook!

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