Time spent on the field is precious for agricultural producers. Breakdowns, slowdowns, and other challenges are part of the game and need to be dealt with in a timely manner so valuable minutes or hours aren’t lost. Owners and operators of John Deere equipment realize their engines are the driving force behind ensuring a high yield from season to season and one bad engine part can drag down the entire operation.

John Deere engine

Thankfully, there are a number of John Deere replacement engine parts that can supplement malfunctioning equipment and get producers’ vehicles back out on the field and running at full strength. Let’s take a look at 8 of these parts and the importance each plays in engine equation.


John Deere Batteries

Deere offers a number of battery variations, each designed to meet the high demand of Deere equipment. The StrongBox battery features welded intercell connectors that are 25% larger than other batteries. Epoxy-anchored plates make the batteries four times stronger than hot-melt anchored plated and reduce overall vibration.


John Deere camshaft

A vital role in air, fuel and emissions management, camshafts are critical in controlling how fast engine valves open and close. A malfunctioning camshaft can dramatically impact power output, fuel efficiency, and emissions control. A properly functioning camshaft will ensure the quality and performance of the machine remain optimal.

Cylinder Liners

John Deere cylinder liners

The dense, high-strength nature of John Deere cylinder liners create a dense micro-structure that offers durability and reliability. The cylinder bore creates a crosshatch pattern that retains oil and assists in breaking in piston ring surfaces to minimize oil use.

Engine Block Assemblies

John Deere engine block

If engine blocks become cracked or damaged, the integrity of parts sitting within can become compromised. Deere’s engine block assemblies are designed to exceed demands and minimize downtime, thanks to strong material and structure.

Engine Gaskets

John Deere gasket

Although gaskets are a relatively smaller piece of the overall engine structure, when not functioning properly, the effects can be damaging. Gaskets keep internal air, oil, and fuel inside the engine while keeping external contaminants out. If one of your gaskets is malfunctioning, be sure to get it replaced.


John Deere filters

John Deere offers a complete line of engine filters, designed to protect equipment from wear and keep contaminants out of key parts of the assembly. Deere’s line of offers include lube, hydraulic, air, fuel, and fleetguard filters.

Maintenance Fluids

John Deere fluids

Engines require ample amounts of fluids to stay lubricated and running smoothly throughout the duration of equipment usage. Be sure to keep an eye on fluid levels and add fluid when needed. Deere offers oils, coolants, grease, fuel solutions, and diesel exhaust fluid to keep engines healthy.

Pistons and Piston Rings

Deere’s latest piston design contains grooves with a high nickel iron-based insert cast into the aluminum piston, ensuring minimum wear. A redesigned combustion bowl shape lowers heat rejection, improves starting and fuel economy.

Deere also offer piston rings which act as a seal between the piston and the combustion chamber. Without a piston ring (or a healthy one), proper combustion would not occur and dangerous fuel leaks would likely occur.

The engine is the heart of any vehicle, and the John Deere engine replacement parts mentioned above are a critical component of keeping John Deere equipment running effectively. If you enjoyed this post or want to read others, feel free to connect with us on Facebook!

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