Land, water, manpower, time, and money. These five resources have always determined how much farmers could accomplish on their land, and still remain pillars in modern day farming. However, as time has passed, farm managers and crop producers have had an additional resource to assist with the others, technology.

John Deere Land Leveling Solutions

The combination of new, powerful tractors, paired with scrapers and precision-farming software and systems, has armed today’s farmers with an arsenal of tools to make better use of the land and water they have at their disposal. John Deere offers a number of land-leveling solutions designed to maximize what producers get out of their land and water, let’s take a closer look at a few.

John Deere iGrade

John Deere iGrade

Water is arguably the most critical commodity in the planting and growing process. John Deere scrapers equipped with iGrade enable Surface Water Pro Plus by automating the hydraulic commands of the scraper blade. The iGrade system also uses an RTK correction signal to ensure maximum precision. iGrade performs effectively up to a mile away from  an RTK base, requiring fewer station movements and improving up-time. The GPS-based system isn’t affected by dust, heat waves, snow, wind, or other elements that affect the performance of traditional laser-based systems.

John Deere Ejector Scrapers

John Deere Ejector Scraper

Deere’s ejector scrapers feature a moving wall that pushes material over a fixed blade. The steep angle of the wall, paired with field-proven cylinders, make this equipment ideal for handling heavier soil. The unique front pivot design allows the scraper to do all lowering and raising of the frame at the cutting edge end of the scraper, speeding up response time when cutting. Deere offers four models of ejector scrapers, the 1512E, 1810E, 1814E, and 2112E.

John Deere Carry-all Scraper

John Deere Carry-all Scraper

Available in five different models (1510C, 1810C, 1812C, 1814C, and 2112C), carry-all scrapers feature a standard bucket (which rotates when unloading) with straight-blade configuration. Carry-alls are much lighter pieces of equipment with better flotation than ejector scrapers, making them effective in sandy soil conditions.

John Deere Tractors

John Deere Scraper Special Tractor

For a perfect fit, John Deere scrapers should be paired with a 9R/9RT Series Scraper Special Tractor. These models are built with front-and rear-axle reinforcements to power through land leveling demands. Scrapers also fit nicely with John Deere 8R, 8RT, 9R, and 9RT Series Tractors. All four of these models can be ordered with the scraper conversion kit to ensure scraper compatibility. John Deere tractors make a perfect companion for scrapers and the land-leveling process.

Using new technology and equipment to support key resource management is something that has become critical to success. We hope this post shed some light on how John Deere’s land-leveling solutions and products can help farmers get more out of their resources. If you enjoyed this post or want to read others, feel free to connect with us on Facebook!

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