Whether you need an ejector scraper or a carry-all scraper, there is a wide variety of John Deere options to choose from. Carry-all scrapers are built with a standard bucket and straight-blade configuration. They have enhanced floatation, which makes them ideal for sandy soil. Ejector scrapers have a fixed blade for even more capacity and are better suited for wet soil.

John Deere Scrapers

Let’s take a look at the highlights of the various types of John Deere scrapers available for purchase.

Ejector Scrapers

John Deere Ejector Scraper

The fixed-blade ejector scrapers from John Deere are specifically designed to boast up to 14 percent more capacity. In addition, operators can now move up to 72 cubic yards of material per cycle, meaning more efficiency on the job. The scrapers’ inner walls have been redesigned for smooth, snag-free ejection. They also now have a lower profile for more visibility and an overall lower center of gravity.

The ejector scrapers from Deere can be equipped with heavy-duty disc brakes for shorter stops, whether the equipment is loaded or empty. An integrated rear push block enables push-loading when a dozer is needed as well. Each ejector scraper has a super-overflow spill guard to increase capacity while reducing carryback and tire wear. They are also easy to load with their wide throat opening design.

These ejectors specifically excel with wet, sticky soils. They have a super-fast cycle time, and their heavyweight design works to their advantage in these environments.

Carry-All Scrapers

Carry-All Scraper

Carry-all scrapers from John Deere come with a standard bucket that has a straight-blade configuration. The heavy-duty cylinders of the scraper rotate the bucket while unloading for fast cycle times, ultimately resulting in more efficiency. These scrapers weigh less than ejector scrapers, making them more ideal for sandy soil.

Customers can opt for a precision land-leveling kit to be used with the scraper, which allows for more precise, high-speed finish grading. The high clearance of the strong cross tube provides more visibility of the blade. The large, 6-inch diameter gate cylinder is designed to provide extreme durability and plenty of material-clamping strength.

In addition, the carry-all scrapers have an optional super-overflow spill guard for more capacity. This prevents spillover behind the bucket to maximize productivity and reduce tire wear.

If you have any questions on John Deere scrapers, contact your local John Deere dealer for more information.

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