Looking to bring productivity and flexibility to your jobsite? John Deere scraper systems are designed to do so while delivering real results with even less effort, by utilizing key features like AutoLoad™.

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To help John Deere customers become more familiar with the equipment available to them, we’ve put together this video gallery highlighting some ways to leverage key features of the 2015 John Deere scraper systems. Enjoy!

AutoLoad is an exclusive John Deere scraper system option to help improve loading consistency, make operations easier and achieve higher production. A variety of tractor and scraper operations can be preset to make the cutting and filling actions more automated. This video clip will explain how to set up and use the AutoLoad system for your 2015 or newer R Series Scraper Specials and D Series John Deere Scrapers.

Top Loading Scrapers can be successful in many cases to stand in for off road dump trucks. But, owners and operators must take care of the equipment to prevent any unnecessary stress on the frame and/or cylinder. This video tutorial will show you how to top load your R Series Scraper Special Tractors and D Series Scrapers from John Deere.

This video demonstrates how to detach and reattach John Deere scrapers in a tandem configuration. This requires two people; one in the operator cab and the other on the ground handling the connections. Watch to learn how to quickly couple and uncouple your R Series Scraper Special Tractors and D Series Scrapers using the Quick Attach hitch feature.

2015 John Deere Scraper Systems: Loading Tandem Scrapers

What are the keys to production loading? Keep the cut as smooth as possible and listen to the sound of the engine to try to maintain constant draft load on the tractor. Let’s watch the operator in this video, as he shows how to load tandem scrapers using the 2015 R Series Scraper Special Tractors and D Series Scrapers from John Deere.

Hopefully you enjoyed this video gallery highlighting some of the key features and benefits of John Deere scraper systems. We’d love to hear some of the ways you leverage your systems to improve productivity and flexibility on the jobsite. Feel free to comment below!

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