Applying herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers to agricultural crops are a critical step in their emergence and sustained growth throughout the growing season. Advances in agricultural chemicals and solutions have made the application process much more important, not only to reduce costs but also to minimize damage that could result from off-target spray drift.

John Deere Sprayer

Spray drift can cause damage to adjoining crops, contamination of critical water sources, and health risks to people and animals. To avoid drift, operators need to pay close attention to the overall process by utilizing proper equipment, solutions, and practices. To assist this process, crop producers using John Deere sprayers have a number of sprayer parts available to increase comfort, safety, and overall efficiency while operating sprayers. Let’s take a closer look.

SprayStar and AutoTrac Guidance

John Deere SprayStar

This system provides central control of many vehicle and solution system functions in a unified manner, providing improved rate control, response times, and overall ease of use.

Fence-Row Spray Tips

John Deere Fence Row Spray Tips

These tips will increase spray coverage along fence rows, reducing the likelihood of off-target trespass. The tips will also eliminate damage to the spray boom which could otherwise be caused by fence rows.

Soft Products

John Deere Soft Products

A variety of products including marking foams, dyes, and winterizer will help maintain the sprayer year round.

Boom Clean-Out Kit

John Deere Boom Clean Out Kit

Mounted at the end of each boom section, the clean-out kit is designed to flush the system and prevent future clogging which could slow down the operation.

Row Crop Fenders

John Deere Fenders

During the spraying process, it’s common to get mud and crop debris thrown onto the machine or in some cases, all the way into the operator station. These row crop fenders will prevent material from entering the cab or covering the exterior of the equipment.

Drop Nozzles

John Deere Drop Nozzles

Drop nozzles ensure spray is being placed accurately between rows or into the crop, reducing off-target spray drift and maximizing the use of solutions.

Hose Fittings and Clamps

John Deere Hose Fittings

These heavy-duty hose fittings and clamps are designed to keep liquids and parts attached, keeping operators active in the field during the spraying process.

Air-Spring Leveling

John Deere Air Spring Leveling

The air-spring leveling systems makes sure ride height is maintained, ensuring 4-in. of travel ip and down at all times, for 8-in. of total  travel so bags don’t need to be individually filled or deflated after each transport.

Solution Pumps

John Deere Solution Pumps

While standing up to strong chemical herbicides, these pumps provide 30% more torque capacity with less maintenance and an electrically engaged clutch.

BoomTrac Pro

BoomTrac Pro

Application accuracy is maintained throughout the process as the leveling system keeps a consistent boom height above the crop, while reducing the likelihood of damage occurring from boom contact with the ground.

Spray Nozzles and Turrets

Deere’s variety of nozzles and turrets are suitable for all types of circumstances, ranging from economical extended-range tip or an easy-to-install quick-change tip.

Each of these John Deere sprayer parts offer a valuable solution to common spraying challenges. From comfort to usability, these parts can be added to John Deere sprayers and tractors enhance the overall spraying process for crop producers. If you enjoyed this post or want to read others, feel free to connect with us on Facebook

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