When you need a self-propelled sprayer to streamline weed control and fertilizer application, you know you can turn to John Deere for the machinery to get the job done. The John Deere 408R Sprayer is one of these pieces of equipment, and agricultural industry professionals know they can count on it to stand the test of time. With features ranging from individual nozzle control to an 800-gallon tank, the 408R Sprayer is one of the most versatile machines in John Deere’s lineup.

The John Deere 408R Self-Propelled Sprayer

What is the John Deere 408R Self-Propelled Sprayer?

The John Deere 408R sprayer is a self-propelled sprayer, as opposed to a pull-behind sprayer. This means that it comes with features that allow for more customization and accuracy during spraying. Over time, this can reduce overhead costs and limit the necessary investment in products, such as herbicides and fertilizers. The 408R, in particular, also has features such as ExactApply™, which increase cost savings for owners.

What Can the John Deere 408R Sprayer Do?

The John Deere 408R Sprayer has several features that are unique to Deere sprayers, such as the BoomTrac™ Pro 2 system and Precision Ag technology. With this machine, operators can expect to maximize coverage during fertilizer and herbicide application. This means less damage to crops, more effective weed control, and a reduction in product waste due to over-application. In turn, agricultural professionals can expect to reduce unnecessary expenses over time.

Spray, Save, and Protect Yield with See & Spray™ Systems

The See & Spray™ systems are designed to deliver the precision farmers need to ensure that they are doing everything they can to accurately apply sprayable products like herbicides and fertilizers. With See & Spray™ Select, fallow fields can be easily covered thanks to an advanced camera and nozzle-control technology. Together, they only spray emerged weeds, but the system can also switch to a traditional style of broadcast application. See & Spray™ Ultimate can be used in-season on soybeans, cotton, and corn in rows greater than 30 inches or fallow ground. Through machine learning, the system can identify weeds from crops, ensuring that farmers are only targeting harmful plants.

Large Coverage Capabilities

The ExactApply™ system uses a six-nozzle turret to maintain a target rate and pressure. This reduces the potential to over or under-treat crops while out in the field. Individual nozzle control mode minimizes overlap, while turn compensation mode helps reduce the spray rate on the inside of a turn while boosting the rate along the outside. This maintains consistent application across the width of the boom.

Uniform Distribution of Products

The John Deere 408R Sprayer can keep the solution in suspension within the boom and system through pressure recirculation, even while it’s not spraying. When the machine is switched on to spray, operators can manage how their product is applied directly from the cab.

What Are the Important Features of the John Deere 408R?

The John Deere 408R sprayer has several important features, which are all designed to help customers maintain their bottom line, boost their yield, and control weeds out in the field. Some of these include the CommandDrive™ Powertrain, ExactApply™ system, and BoomTrac™ Pro 2.

Cover More Acres With the ExactApply™ System

With ExactApply™, owners of the 408R sprayer can cover more acres in a shorter amount of time. Operators can use a 15-Hz pulse-width modulation mode, which pulses one solenoid for consistent pressure and droplet size as ground speed changes. The 30-Hz pulse-width modulation mode pulses both solenoids at 15Hz for thorough coverage during high-volume applications. With AutoSelect A/B mode, the sprayer automatically switches between two nozzles to ensure constant spray pressure. Turn compensation mode can decrease the spray rate on the inside of a turn and increase the rate on the outside for consistency. With the individual nozzle control option, operators can limit overlap as they work.

Greater Fuel Efficiency With CommandDrive™ Powertrain

With the CommandDrive™ Powertrain, operators can reduce cab noise, increase traction over challenging terrain, and save up to 20 percent more on fuel costs over time. It also has a feature called Auto Mode, which automatically sets the engine to operate at the lowest rpm to maintain ground speed and hydraulic systems. With the Auto Idle system, the engine speed can be reduced to 900 rpm when the sprayer is parked.

Highest Level of Spray Accuracy

The BoomTrac™ Pro 2 automatic boom-height control system of the John Deere 408R sprayer helps operators maintain spray accuracy by reducing drift. The machine has an inertia-monitoring sensor that corrects the chassis roll. In turn, spray accuracy is increased by 22 percent compared to the previous BoomTrac™ Pro system. The boom also stays at its target height while the machine is in operation, which is extremely beneficial to those working on inclines or challenging terrain.

Pressure Recirculation and Product Reclaim

Through pressure recirculation, the 408R sprayer can keep the solution suspended in the boom, even while the machine is not in spraying mode. Using recirculation during rinsing can also help eliminate chemicals that settle during the suspension. Product reclaim helps transfer chemicals out of the boom plumbing and into the solution tanks. This improves boom rinse functions.

What Are the Key Specs of the John Deere 408R?

The John Deere 408R sprayer has several key specs that John Deere customers will want to examine as they look to invest in this machine and increase their productivity out in the field.

800-gallon (3,028 L) Tank

The 800-gallon tank of the 408R ensures that operators can work for longer periods of time without needing to stop and re-add the solution. This can maximize the efficiency of each workday.

Up to 132-foot (40.23 m) Boom

The boom of this self-propelled sprayer can extend up to 132 feet, providing extensive coverage while the machine is in use.

280 hp, 6.8 L Engine

The John Deere 408R sprayer has a Final Tier 4 engine that provides 280 horsepower. Its maximum engine power is 300 horsepower, and it operates with six cylinders. With a fuel tank capacity of approximately 128 gallons, operators don’t have to be concerned with frequently stopping to refuel during the workday.

30 mph (48.3 km/h) Transport Speed

The 408R sprayer can reach a transport speed of 30 miles per hour, making it quick and easy to move across wide fields throughout the day.

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Commonly-Asked Questions About the John Deere 408R Sprayer

Many customers have questions about the John Deere 408R Sprayer as they look to purchase this piece of equipment. Here is what you need to know.

How Fast Can a John Deere 408R Sprayer Go?

During transport, the John Deere 408R sprayer can reach speeds up to 30 miles per hour. This ensures that operators never have to worry about getting across their field in a short amount of time.

How Many Gallons Does a John Deere 408R Sprayer Hold?

This self-propelled sprayer can hold up to 800 gallons of solution, meaning users can tackle more acreage without needing to stop to top off the tank.

Final Thoughts About the John Deere 408R Sprayer

Whether you’re shopping for a new self-propelled sprayer or you’re interested in the advanced features that the John Deere 408R Sprayer has to offer, this model checks all of the boxes. With an 800-gallon solution tank, long boom, and precision spraying capabilities, both crop fertilization and weed management can be streamlined with this machine. Those who are looking to reduce fatigue during long workdays and worry less about completing tasks on challenging terrain will also benefit from the 408R sprayer.

If you have any questions about the John Deere 408R sprayer or any of the other self-propelled sprayers Deere has to offer, you can contact your local John Deere dealer.

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