John Deere precision ag is the latest in agricultural technology that keeps you up to speed on everything going on out in the field. Whether you’re working with corn, soybeans, or everything in between, John Deere’s precision ag technology can help you keep an eye on the performance of your machines.

However, it goes beyond just machine overview – field prep, planting, spraying, and harvesting are all taken to the next level with John Deere precision ag.

Choosing a Display

John Deere has a handful of different displays to choose from that work in conjunction with its precision ag technology. Each of these displays also has a different screen size, ranging from 8.4 inches to 10.4 inches, depending on your preference and needs. All of them are touch screen for the utmost convenience and have at least one video camera support. Each display comes with remote display access, and wireless data transfer is an option on most models as well.

Selecting a Receiver

John Deere has a series of receivers customers can choose from, as well. The StarFire 6000 receiver, for instance, has a range of plus-or-minus nine inches, down to sub-inch accuracy for the precise results. Depending on the receiver operators choose, it may have a delivery method of satellite, radio, or cellular. The pull-in time ranges from less than 30 minutes to less than one minute, depending on the model.

John Deere Operations Center

To enable precision agriculture, Deere has its own Operations Center. This allows customers to remotely manage their machines with remote display access. Features, such as location history, MyOperations, and MyAnalyzer all allow customers to see what’s going on anywhere at any time. In the end, this gives them the opportunity to optimize in-field work and make the most of their time on the job.


JDLink allows operators to see critical and timely information about all of their machines out in the field. This means they can quickly diagnose problems as necessary and get everything back up and running in a small amount of time. JDLink also allows operators to coordinate labor and machine logistics.

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Field Prep, Planting, Application and Harvest

John Deere precision ag technology helps with everything beginning with field prep all the way through harvest. With this technology, the entire process is streamlined, giving operators the chance the focus on other factors to enhance their overall production.

If you have any questions about John Deere precision ag technology, you can contact your local John Deere dealer.

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