John Deere 7010 Sprayer

The John Deere 4710 Self Propelled Sprayer was only in production for two years, but the machine and the attachments that were available for it provide significant value to the American Farmer.

The John Deere 4710 came with a powerful engine that could reach speeds of up to 30 miles per hour, allowing the operator to travel through fields at a significant speed while using the spraying function to provide water to crops.

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The amount of water that is applied to the crops can be adjusted, but 10 gallons per acre has been outlined by several experts as sufficient to provide enough moisture for a harvest. The type of flaps on the sprayer can be adjusted and different lengths of the boom are available.

This allows the farmer to choose the width of their spraying operation. Along with using water on crops, the sprayer can be equipped with pesticides if the application of this substance is necessary.

According to RitchieWiki, sprayers are comprised of a tank, a pump, filters in the suction and delivery lines, a boom and nozzles.

While some of the sprayers that are available on the market are not attached to the vehicle itself, the John Deere 4710 is integrated with the product and the pump is attached to the power take-off shaft.

The John Deere 4710 sprayer features a boom that ranges in width from 80 feet to 100 feet, and the gallon capacity for the machine is roughly 800 gallons.

This significantly sized tank allows a farmer to cover a large distance without requiring a refill, as the sprayer can be run at 10 gallons per acre and provide a significant level of moisture to the crops.

While some models of self-propelled sprayers have limited adjustments, in terms of the height of where the boom is located in relation to the ground, the John Deere 4710 allows for a minimum height of 27 inches and a maximum of more than 86 inches. This gives the operator a significant level of control over how the pesticides or water are applied to the crops.

The John Deere 4710 Self-Propelled Sprayer allows for a significant level of control, as the turning radius of the machine has been adjusted to only 24 feet. This helps farmers control their passes with more ease, expediting the process of spraying their crops.

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