From routine landscaping or lawn maintenance tasks to large-scale agricultural production, many individuals lean on their tractors as the backbone of their operation. John Deere produces a wide range of tractor series, each designed to meet the needs of customers.

In this post, we’ve featured five of our favorite John Deere tractors, which not only explain what makes them valuable assets, but also shows what they look like when put to work. Enjoy!

3R Series Tractors

The 3R Series is a replacement to the popular 3020 Series and includes a variety of features and options to tackle a number of tasks. With the 3R Series, building, mowing, digging, tilling and more can be performed from sunrise to sunset thanks to supreme usability and features that increase operator comfort.

6R Series Tractors

With options from 105- to 210 engine horsepower, the 6R Series offers the range, the features, and the available comfort, convenience, and performance options operators need to handle tough projects in field including row-crop producing, haymaking, and material transport and handling.

7R Series Tractors

Season to season, job to job, the 7R Series delivers ample versatility and power density for livestock, dairy, and row-crop producers.
Five models offer 200 to 280 engine horsepower plus the advanced comfort and technology of the new CommandView II Cab.

8R/RT Series Tractors

Powered by the PowerTech PSS 9.0L engine, Deere’s 8R/8RT tractors are a blend of power and intelligence thanks to the GS3 CommandCenter Display, JD Link capability, ActiveCommand Steering (ACS), Infinitely Variable Transmission (IVT), and much more, which all pair to form a smart, powerful machine.

9R/RT Scraper Tractors

The 9R/9RT Series includes 6 new models, including 3 new rubber-track models for rough terrain. With a larger, IT4-certified PowerTech PSX 13.5 engine, PowerShift(TM) transmissions with Efficiency Manager(TM) and John Deere’s exclusive AutoLoad(TM) system, operators can do as much or more work than a self-propelled scraper at one-third the initial investment.

Each series of John Deere tractor mentioned in this post include unique features that make them an asset for a specific set of tasks that operators are presenting with. We hope you enjoyed these John Deere tractor videos and as always, feel free to connect with us on Facebook!

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