Facebook is home to more than 1 billion active monthly users, so it’s fair to assume a large portion of agricultural producers are active, spending some of their valuable free time interacting with friends and family through status updates, photos, and more. When landing on a Facebook page, one of the first things a user notices is the large cover photo (851 x 315 pixels) that appears at the top of the page as a background. The name “cover photo” is telling as it takes a similar role as a book cover, providing a first-glance visual impression.

We’ve scoured the web to share 30 images of agriculture equipment at work that we believe will make fantastic John Deere cover photos for agriculture enthusiasts, enjoy!

Combines at Night

ExactEmerge and MaxEmerge

John Deere 5e

John Deere 5e Hay Bales

John Deere 6m and 6r

John Deere 7r 8r Lights

John Deere 7r 8r Series

John Deere 7r

John Deere 9 Series Round Baler

John Deere 864

John Deere 952i Trailed Sprayer

John Deere 1910 Air Cart

John Deere 2510L Behind

John Deere 2720 Disk Ripper

John Deere 7530

John Deere BASF

John Deere C440R

John Deere Combine Fleet

John Deere Cotton Spraying

John Deere CS690 Cotton Stripper

John Deere Harvest ID

John Deere HarvestLab

John Deere LED Lighting

John Deere M962i

John Deere Mower Conditioner

John Deere R952i

John Deere Solutions

John Deere Sprayer Behind

John Deere Mower Conditioner

John Deere MachineSync

Hopefully these photos provide a destination for agriculture enthusiasts to visit when they want to show their love for the land by adding a John Deere cover photo to their Facebook page. Whether your want to share your thoughts on these photos, or have a photo of your own to submit, we’d love to hear from you on our Facebook page!

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