Springtime is in full swing and if you are like most homeowners, you enjoy the look of a fresh cut lawn.  If you own a John Deere lawn mower, we’re sure that you take great pride in making sure that your lawn looks sharp.


Here is a collection of images and advice we’ve found around the web to help keep your lawn looking its best:

CBS news reports on how to stripe your lawn like a pro:

  • Maintain patterns by going back over lines, or every other line, to etch them in.
  • Change mowing pattern and direction every third week so the grass doesn’t get stressed or weak.
  • To make straight lines, don’t look down! Pick a point in the distance and mow straight to it. Go slowly. (Tip: If you have an upstairs window, a bird’s eye view can enable you to spot-check your progress.)
  • Make turns off the lawn, if possible. It will not only mean cleaner lines but will decrease stress at the turn points. Otherwise, make “Y” turns and lift the blades off the ground as you turn.
  • A mower with blades that turn in an upright position (as opposed to most horizontal rotary mowers) will help promote patterns because it naturally lays down the blades.
  • Use a roller with water added for weight. Some garden centers sell rollers, or they can be rented.
  • Also, check to see if your dealer or landscape center can outfit rollers on the back of your mower. Be careful when using weighted rollers that they are not too heavy. You only want to bend the grass blades, not compact the soil.


The University of Kentucky College of Agriculture even has a degree in Horticulture, Plant, and Soil science with a concentration in Turfgrass Science.  Turfgrass Science provides graduates with the science and business aspects of intensively managed grass plantings.

Photos of beautiful Lawns


Not your typical lawn mowing pattern:



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