In July of 2014, John Deere ForestSight hit the market, integrating a full suite of technology data and solutions to help loggers better manage their equipment and operations. With this, loggers can save time and money while having a longer lasting line up of forestry machinery.

John Deere ForestSight

We’re here to explain some of the key benefits that you can obtain from using this product and hopefully provide you with a much better understanding of the advanced technology incorporated in it. Let’s jump right into the details.

Why John Deere ForestSight?

John Deere had several reasons for making this product, as it would fill a definite need for customers. When explaining the demand for this forestry solution, Jena Holtberg-Beng, the director of John Deere WorkSight and ForestSight, said, “Loggers demand more uptime. With the support of a dealer, the technology solutions available under the ForestSight umbrella work together to help loggers automate their business processes and stay on top of their machine health.”

With John Deere ForestSight, you can see through miles of timber, inside your machine, and straight into the future because it truly is next generation technology. This advanced system lets you remotely see where your crews are at any time of day while having remote access to the inside of your forestry machines.

ForestSight allows you to get critical intelligence anywhere, making everything from simple vital stats, fuel burn per machine and job, to complex diagnostic data available to customers. All of this is wirelessly obtainable to you or your service technician. Why would a service technician need such information? Well, say you run into trouble, before you can say, “timber”, a technician will appear out of virtually nowhere with the right tool and parts already in hand.

John Deere ForestSight

Primary Benefits of John Deere ForestSight

  • It optimizes machines. Loggers and dealers have the ability to see machines that are  wasting time and money by seeing those that are idling, inactive, moving when they should not be, or running at high loads for extensive periods of time.
  • It optimizes uptime. With the integration of data, prognostics, remote diagnostic tools, and dealer support, loggers can feel more comfortable that their machines are achieving the best possible uptime.
  • It optimizes jobsites. In almost any area, loggers and dealers can see exactly when and where machines are operating, how many cycles they are getting done and how much time these tasks are taking the operator to complete.

John Deere ForestSight

Key Components of John Deere ForestSight 

This product incorporates the most advanced technology from several others, making one all-in-one package for loggers to utilize during everyday operations. Key components include the following:

  • JDLink—gives remoter access to machine location, utilization and diagnostic data.
  • Machine Health Prognistics—analyzes data from JDLink, fluid analysis and machine inspections and then e-mails such information to the dealer and customer with helpful recommendations.
  • Remote Diagnotic and Programming—enables dealers to read and reset diagnostic trouble codes, record machine performance data and then automatically updates the software.

We hope you experience optimized machines, optimized uptime and optimized job sites with John Deere ForestSight. Oh, and, get used to seeing more profitability as well! If you enjoyed this post or want to read others, feel free to connect with us on Facebook!

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