John Deere has recently announced their next generation of forestry equipment; the M-Series Tracked Feller Bunchers and Tracked Harvesters, which were designed based on hundreds of hours of input from loggers around the world.

M-Series Main

A new boom design, improved cab visibility and operation station, and upgraded serviceability are just a few reasons why this new lineup has been dubbed as a “game changer” within the forestry industry. Let’s take a more in-depth look at some of the features found within these new models.

Rapid Cycle System


This innovative system, found within all M-Series models, combines automated felling-head arm cycling with simplified boom control. The result? A well-rested operator at the end of the day who has seen productivity and efficiency levels elevated.

The RCS system can be activated (or deactivated) with the touch of a single button and has the capability to be adjusted to operator skill levels and specific harvesting conditions, which can vary greatly. For instance, novice operators may prefer a slower pace, while experienced loggers might want a faster response. Additionally, numerous settings can be saved on an individual operator basis. RCS is ultimately offered in an effort to save time and cover more area.

Improved Operator Station

Operator Station

After gathering customer feedback, Deere came to the conclusion that the operator stations needed to be revamped. Operators of the new M-Series machines will be amazed at the improved visibility and ergonomically designed control system. Control of the John Deere Tracked Harvester and Feller Bunchers are seemingly effortless thanks to adjustable armrests and mounted keypads. A fully adjustable air-cushioned seat allows the operator to remain comfortable inside the climate-controlled cab.

As for visibility enhancements, floor-to-ceiling front and side windows as well as an overhead skylight expand the view of the cutting area for loggers. Improved visibility is a critical component of the new models, allowing operators to keep a complete eye on exactly what’s happening around the full perimeter of the machine.

Increased Uptime


The logging business requires tough workers and tough machines. In the forest, uptime is the name of the game. The M-Series models are designed to run longer and harder, just like those sitting inside the cab. Robust booms (thick plates and larger pins), larger fuel tanks, through-nose harvester head plumbing, and an optional toolbox offer just that.



Speaking of uptime, the M-Series models each play host to easy access service components, allowing daily checks and maintenance to be completed as planned, minimizing repairs and increasing uptime. Additionally, a hydraulic reversing fan can be activated by the push of a button, automatically reversing airflow to clean debris from the cooler cores. Lastly, JDLink provides operators with fast, accurate remote diagnostics and rapid service response from their dealers, who are always within easy reach no matter how deep in the forest the project might be.

These new John Deere Tracked Harvester and Feller Buncher options include a number of features that make them unique pieces of forestry equipment. If you enjoyed this post or want to read others, feel free to connect with us on Facebook!

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