As successful farmers have come to learn, when hay is down it’s important to get it dry and ready for bailing as quickly as possible, in order to maximize yield and quality. This process requires the right equipment. No matter what you need to get done around your farm, John Deere has hundreds of Frontier hay equipment implements and attachments available.

Frontier Hay Equipment

For this reason, we’ve gathered a couple of videos showcasing some of the most productive Frontier hay equipment on the market. Enjoy!

Notes From The Field – TD34 Series Hay Tedders

This video takes a look at 34 Series Hay Tedders from John Deere’s Frontier hay equipment line. There are two models available in the series, the TD3418 (with a working width of 18 feet 2 inches) and the TD3427 (with a working width of 26 feet 6 inches). Each model incorporates the following high-end features to provide an improved operating experience and drive business results:

Innovative Finger Joint Drive System – When the tedder is unfolded into operating position the fingers fold together and lock into place, reducing the number of moving parts and providing a more direct transfer of power. This will likely lead to a longer machine life and improved performance.

Manual Tine Tension Adjustment – The tine height can be easily adjusted by using the tine height adjustment lever. Operators just simply have to turn the lever clock wise to raise the tines and counter clock wise to lower them. For adjustments on-the-go, operators can use the tractor’s selective control valve to raise or lower working height, depending on stumble height or crop moisture.

Locking Transport Mechanism – The 3427 is equipped with a cart that the rotor assembly folds onto for transport and features the locking transports mechanism to automatically lock the wheels in a straightforward position. Overall, this helps to increase stability when the unit is in transport. Then, when the unit unfolds into operating position, the transport locks are released and the wheels can rotate freely for better movement in the field.

Over-Center Folding Design – The 3418 features an over-center folding hydraulic folding design, so when changing from operating to transport position there is no need to leave the operating tractor seat.

Notes From The Field – DM50 Series Disc Mower

This video takes a look at the 5060 Disc Mower from the Frontier equipment line at John Deere and allows customers to see the mower in action while cutting hay. This model is one of three models in the DM 50 Series that also includes the DM5050 and the DM5070. The following features incorporated in these machines work to improve performance over previous models while lowering costs of operations:

Rope System Transport Latch – This feature helps ease the stress of moving from one field to another. You can use the rope to release the latch and engage a selective control valve to raise the cutter bar to a vertical position, all while remaining in the cab of the tractor. Then, operators just have to release the rope to lock the system for transport.

Float Spring Tension Adjustment – Operators can adjust the float on the cutter bar by adjusting the float spring tension to match crop conditions. Then, secure the float spring in place with the stop lock.

iMatch and/or Quick Coupler Compatible – The DM5050 and DM5060 are both category 1 iMatch and category 2 Quick Coupler compatible, while the DM5070 is category 2 Quick Coupler compatible. Easy hooking and unhooking allows operators to move quickly and start other jobs faster.

Easy Storage –You can easily store the disc mower by using the parking stand and park arm feature when not in operation. These features transfer the mower’s weight to the cutter bar and keep the hitch pins level, making it simpler to hook up and go again.

Hopefully these videos provided you with a better understanding of some of the Frontier hay equipment options available. Keep in mind that these hay tedder models and disc mowers are just a few of more than 600 Frontier hay equipment implements and attachments that John Deere offers.

Feel free to comment below with some of the hay equipment implements or attachments you find most useful! If you enjoyed this post or want to read others, feel free to connect with us on Facebook or Twitter!

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