It’s no surprise that John Deere has responded to producers who bale silage or other forage for feed by introducing its 900 Series Round Balers. For producers who pre-process forage, these pre-cutter-type round balers are designed to make it easier to mix or grind before feeding. With a range of innovative new features, producers will experience faster baling performance, improved quality and less downtime.

900 series round balers

What Are the Key Features of the John Deere 900 Series Round Balers? 

The new 900 series round baler models, the 960 and 990, each have a different design and incorporate revolutionary features that will consistently maximize performance in the field and forage quality in storage and feeding.

For this reason, we wanted to show you the new John Deere 900 Series Round Balers in action! Check out these videos to see what all the buzz is about, as we also explain some key features.

The new 900 series models, the 960 and 990, each has a different design and incorporates revolutionary features that will consistently maximize performance in the field and forage quality in storage and feeding.

John Deere 900 Series Round Balers: See Them in Action

Faster Driving Speed

Get in and out of the field faster than before with an average driving speed of 9 mph. Operators can flash through the field and produce an impressive 52 bales in just one hour. The 900 Series Round Balers’ high-capacity feeding system processes more than 63,000 lbs. of dry matter each hour and can handle both dry and high-moisture crops. With bale ejection as fast as 4 seconds, gate cycle time will also be quicker than ever.

3-Knife and 25-Knife Options

Producers can cut their bale processing time significantly and minimize wasted hay and wasted money. With 13-knife and 25-knife options, operators can plant material into 3 inch or 1.6 inch lengths and warrant that hay or silage will be pulled into the starter rollers and make it to the finished bale.

John Deere 900 Series Round Balers: A Look Inside 

Full-Width Hydraulic Drop Floor

How does a patented, full-width hydraulically operated drop floor sound to you? Let baler plugs drift from your memory with a new, nearly plug-free operation. The new 900 Series Round Balers aim to make baling a lot less stressful for operators by incorporating innovative features like tractor baler automation.The tractor will automatically stop, eject the bale, close and start up again as needed. 

Low-Maintenance Design

Not to mention, these round balers are also extremely low-maintenance machines. This machine is designed so that the operator rarely has to leave the cab for adjustments or maintenance, with key moving parts placed precisely in easily accessible locations. Spend less time maintaining your round baler with only 8 grease zerks and bearings that will be automatically greased.

900 Series Round Baler

The 900 Series Round Balers recently hit the market with several other additions to John Deere’s agriculture and turf equipment lines, including the R4023 Sprayer, B-Wrap for Premium Balers and Machine Sync. With independent frames, large tire options, heavy-duty chains and a new net-wrap system, both 900 series models are designed to enhance operator comfort and improve productivity on the job. 

Commonly Asked Round Baler Questions: 

How Much HP Do You Need For a Round Baler? 

For a robust round baler designed for rapid production like the 960 or 990 Round Balers, it’s best to have a tractor with over 100 hp for optimum performance.

What Size Tractor Do You Need to Pull a Round Baler? 

We hope that seeing these new additions to John Deere’s round baler selection in action has helped you realize their many uses in maximizing field performance and forage quality. 

To learn more about the 900 Series Round Balers and other John Deere equipment, contact your local John Deere dealer.

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