What if you could stay up-to-date on your John Deere machinery while you’re away from the field? With JDLink, that desire can become a reality for agricultural professionals. John Deere offers JDLink to provide individuals with up-to-the-minute data on their machinery. Here is a look at some of the additional benefits JDLink can bring to operators.

ExactEmerge Planter Support

Agricultural professionals can benefit from remote monitoring and support for ExactEmerge Planters, thanks to JDLink. All ExactEmerge Planters model year 2015 and newer come with a factory-installed modular telematics gateway terminal and JDLink. This gives users the ability to capture limited parameters on their planters and enhance performance.

Asset Tracking and Fleet Monitoring

Customers can invest in the JDLink asset tracking terminal, a CalAmp battery-powered, non-rechargeable hardware device, to enable more assets and monitor them in a single place — the JDLink Web. The JDLink for fleet monitoring can help workers track and monitor powered assets with OBD-II ports.

Location History

JDLink gives operators the ability to monitor machine productivity with Location History. This feature gives users access to information on the current statuses of their machines, as well as prior paths traveled. In turn, individuals have a more accurate, well-rounded view of how their work is progressing out in the field.

JDLink Connect

JDLink Connect allows operators to monitor machine settings remotely and offers recommendations, enhancing productivity during harvest.

Wireless Communication

Through wireless communication with JDLink, operators can get the right machine to the right place out in the field. JDLink lets users know where their machines are located, and this can make all of the difference during planting season. When operators need to route support vehicles out onto the land, they know exactly where their John Deere machines are located.

Remote Display Access and Wireless Data Transfer

With Remote Display Access, users can see exactly what the machine operators see out in the field on a display screen for the utmost convenience. Wireless Data Transfer allows users to send data to provide remote support to operators while they work.

JDLink Mobile App

With the JDLink mobile app, managing equipment on an iOS or Android device is a breeze. These apps allow individuals to review machine information on the go. Individuals can also view the locations of their machines, access directions to machines from any area, and view the ground speeds of their equipment.

Informative Alerts

JDLink Connect can send operators alerts on the JDLink website or mobile app to let them know when maintenance is due. In turn, this can keep equipment users up to speed on inspecting and upgrading their machinery when necessary.

If you are interested in integrating JDLink into your equipment, contact your local John Deere dealer or visit www.Deere.com for more information.

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