Running operations at a dairy farm on a daily basis is no easy task, but when you have John Deere technology at your fingertips, the job is simplified. Everything from JDLink to HarvestLab 3000 can boost productivity and efficiency, and TLK Dairy is one business that has learned all about the benefits of integrating John Deere technology.

Reaping the Benefits of HarvestLab 3000

TLK Dairy is a large-scale dairy provider that operates out of Mountain Home, Idaho. Terry Ketterling is TLK Dairy’s owner, president, and CEO, meaning he knows all about the intricacies that go into running the dairy business on a daily basis.

“John Deere, in my opinion, is on the cutting edge of things that work for us,” he says. “I’m very happy to have as much of the technology as we can, to use every bit of it, to try to make us better every day.”

One of the technologies that TLK Dairy relies on is HarvestLab 3000, which allows for monitoring, length of cut adjustments, and more.

“We have three choppers that have HarvestLab on them, and obviously the choppers are always in different fields,” says Ketterling. “I can monitor how each field is doing, checking moisture, and yield in every field.”

Finding Advantages through JDLink

Additional technology that TLK Dairy utilizes on a regular basis is JDLink and the John Deere Operations Center. JDLink allows operators to see timely data about their machines, move data to and from machines, and support the equipment as necessary. Further, the John Deere Operations Center gives TLK Dairy the opportunity to adjust to changing conditions out in the field and keep an eye on what’s happening in real-time.

“I think probably what drew me more to the technology that’s offered with JDLink and the Operations Center is that I first was a farmer. Dairy came into our operations later,” explains Ketterling. “I was already trying to be as advanced technologically as I could before we started dairy, but when I started doing [it], I think the technology actually fit into what we do on the farm better [in terms of] what we do for the cows.”

Today, TLK Dairy has a strong relationship with its John Deere dealer, who has catered to their specific needs and ensured that they were being met through a wide range of technology.

If you have any questions about HarvestLab 3000, JDLink, or the John Deere Operations Center, you can contact your local John Deere dealer.

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