Those who own or have come across a John Deere EZTrak mower understand they are incredibly simple to operate while also getting the job done right each time. However, the mowing process can be enhanced even further thanks to a number of available zero-turn mower attachments.

How do Zero-Turn Mower Attachments Enhance Performance?

John Deere zero-turn mower attachments provide a series of capabilities that enhance your mowing experience. Where certain mower attachments can improve efficiency, others increase accuracy. Choosing an attachment that enhances performance is entirely up to you and the kind of yard work you’re looking to accomplish.

12 Types of John Deere EZTrak Zero-Turn Mower Attachments

From bumper attachments to mower lights, there is a range of options to choose from when it comes to making the landscaping experience even better. To showcase some of these zero-turn mower attachments, we’ve put together a list that provides a short description of each. Enjoy!

1. The 15-Gallon Sprayer

The John Deere EZTrak 15-Gallon Sprayer attachment

Utilize this 15-gallon sprayer attachment to apply a variety of liquids, including liquid fertilizer, weed killer, tree spray, de-icer, and more. The sprayer’s boom sprays a 60-in. swath, and a 19-foot hose and wand both have the ability to spot spray lawns and shrubs. Available for Z400s and Z600s.

2. Dual Headlight Kit

The John Deere EZTrak dual headlight kit attachment

For lawn enthusiasts that mow early in the morning or later in the evening, the dual light kit is available, focusing light in several directions to brighten the mowing area. This attachment is compatible with Z425, Z445, Z465, and Z655 EZTrak zero-turn mowers.

3. Floor Mat

The John Deere EZTrak floor mat attachment.

The EZTrak floor mat sports a stylish John Deere logo and protects the foot deck with a non-slip, washable material. The mat is resistant to chemicals that may get on it during landscaping jobs. The mat is compatible with Z225, Z245, Z400s, Z600s, Z235, and Z255 models.

4. Deck Front Roller Kit

The John Deere EZTrak deck front roller kit

The front roller kit attaches to the front of the mower deck to help prevent scalping of the lawn and improve the smoothness of the job. The roller kit is available on Z425 and Z445 mowers (48-in. and 54-in. decks).

5. The 6.5-Bushel Hopper and Chute Assembly

The John Deere EZTrak 6.5 bushel hopper and chute assembly attachment

The hopper design provides landscapers with an effective solution for collecting grass clippings and leaves (Z235 and Z255). There is also an available assembly with the Power Flow system (Z425, Z445, Z645, and Z655).

6. Grass Groomer – Lawn Striping Kit

The John Deere EZTrak grass groomer attachment

There aren’t many better things to lay your eyes on than a freshly mowed lawn with a neat striping pattern. The lawn striping kit is built with flexibility, durability, and a non-weight-bearing design, making it an effective tool for pattern mowing. The kit is available on the Z225, Z235, Z245, Z425, Z445, and Z465 mowers.

7. Foot Rest Extensions

The John Deere EZTrak foot rest extensions attachment

Operators sometimes spend a lot of time on their EZTrak zero-turn mowers. With this in mind, Deere has made bolt-on footrest extensions available on Z400 and Z600 mowers to make mowing an even more comfortable experience.

8. Rear Bumper

The John Deere EZTrak rear bumper attachment

Accidents happen. With the John Deere EZTrak rear bumper attachment, accident damage to the back of the mower can be reduced. The bumper bolts onto Z400 and Z600 tubular frames for solid support.

9. Rear Hitch

The John Deere EZTrak rear hitch attachment

Available for Z400 and Z600 mowers, the rear hitch bolts securely onto the tubular frame, providing a solid amount of towing capability. The rear bagger bracket is included with all rear hitches.

10. Utility Cart

The John Deere EZTrak utility cart attachment

Want to haul any number of materials with your EZTrak zero-turn mower? No problem. The rust and dent-resistant poly cart comes in a 7 and 10 cubic foot option, both of which are easy to dump, resulting in complete emptying.

11. Foot Lift Kit

The John Deere EZTrak foot lift kit attachment

The foot lift kit allows EZTrak zero-turn mower operators to easily raise or lower the mower deck without having to use their hands. This attachment is great for quickly raising or lowering the deck when unexpected obstacles like tree roots or rocks appear in the mowing path. This kit is available on the Z235, Z255, Z425, Z445, and Z465 mowers.

12. Lawn Sweeper

The John Deere EZTrak lawn sweeper attachment

The John Deere lawn mower sweeper attachment has the capacity to hold 17 bushels of material and includes a brush-height adjuster with eight positions. Available on all EZTrak series mowers.

Zero-Turn Mower Attachments FAQ

As spring rolls into summer, there will be plenty of time spent outdoors manicuring the lawn. We hope this list inspires John Deere EZTrak mower owners (or potential owners) to add even more capability to their equipment.

Can you add attachments to a zero-turn mower?

Yes! Explore our list of zero-turn mower attachments and check out which one is best for your yard work. 

Can you put a hitch on a zero-turn mower?

Yes, zero-turn mowers, such as the z930m, have the capability to attach hitches. If you are wanting to tow pull-behind sprayers, seed or fertilizer spreaders, and other mower attachments, consider adding a trailer hitch to your John Deere zero-turn mower. 

Can you pull a lawn sweeper with a zero-turn mower?

Along with several other attachments, the John Deere zero-turn mower has the capability to pull a lawn sweeper. If you are utilizing a different brand, be sure to check the towing capacity before attaching a lawn sweeper. 

Where to buy zero-turn mower attachments?

John Deere MachineFinder has inventory and zero-turn mower attachments from around the country that is ready to help you perfect your lawn care routine. Contact a local John Deere dealer today to explore what attachments are available near you.  

If you have any questions about John Deere lawn care equipment, you can contact your local John Deere dealer.

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