When you have a long list of tasks to do outside, you’re going to want to make sure that you’re dressed appropriately. In the summer, this means outfitting yourself in farm clothing that keeps you cool, comfortable and ready to take on the job.


Here are some options from John Deere to consider as you prepare for the warm weather.

John Deere Men’s Grey Short Sleeve Pocket T-Shirt with Logo

This shirt has a convenient pocket to hold your business cards or a pen for when you need it. It also has a sharp John Deere logo on the pocket itself.

John Deere Men’s Black Short Sleeve T-Shirt “View From My Office”

This cheeky shirt shows everyone what the “view from your office” looks like with a depiction of beautiful farmland, alongside a John Deere logo.

John Deere Granite Thermal Long Sleeved Shirt

For those early mornings when you need to get outside before the sun comes up, keep yourself warm with this thermal long sleeved shirt.

John Deere Men’s Rinsed Bib Overall

There’s nothing like being able to roll out of bed and slip out on your entire outfit for the day, and that’s what these overalls let you do.

Men’s 10 Inch Waterproof Wellington John Deere Boot

These boots are perfect for wet, rainy days out in the farm when you’ll be trekking through piles of mud.

John Deere Women’s Brown Deere Country LYCRA Tank

This tank top is all you’ll need to stay dry and cool while working under the hot sun this summer.

John Deere Women’s 1837 Short Sleeve V-Neck T-Shirt

For something a little more modest, consider this V-neck shirt, which comes in a bright green color to show off your John Deere pride.

John Deere Ladies Glitter Trademark Tank Top

If you’re interested in a flashy top with a bit of sparkle, you’ll need this tank top, which has the John Deere logo and a hint of glitter.

John Deere Women’s Long Sleeve Burn Out Thermal With Rhinestones

For those chilly mornings before the sun comes up, make sure you have this thermal long sleeve shirt on hand to keep you warm.

Women’s 10” Tan WCT Waterproof Pull-On

These boots are designed to take on all that Mother Nature can throw out you — you can confidently walk through every rainy day on the farm with these on your feet.

Whether you live in one of the hottest regions of the country or you simply need to update your wardrobe, John Deere has all of the farm clothing you’ll need for the upcoming summer season.

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