When it comes to harvesting, crop producers rely on several John Deere combine parts to improve their daily operations. If you feel like you aren’t getting the most out of your crops or aren’t fully maximizing your yields, there are parts and attachments that can help. By understanding the uses of different combine parts, you will be able to determine which are best to bring your harvesting operations to the next level.


For this reason, we’ve put together a list of John Deere combine parts that can help you maximize production and improve efficiency season after season and acre after acre. Enjoy!

Combine Observation System

john deere combine parts

John Deere’s combine observation system is available for 50, 60 and 70 Series Combines to provide even better visibility and flexibility on the go. With two color cameras, operators have a bird’s eye view of key harvesting functions. This system allows for a clear view of the grain tank and sample when unloading into tall grain carts.

Tine/Paddle Beater

john deere combine parts

The tine/paddle beater is recommended for use with the high-inertia cylinder for heavy-duty operations to increase crop agitation. How does it work? The paddles strip while tines separate to create more efficient and aggressive separating of crop. These John Deere combine parts work to eliminate any buildup and plugging of unwanted materials.

High-Inertia, Enclosed Cylinders


Operators can rely on the high-inertia cylinder when harvest conditions demand more aggressive processing. Because they are fully enclosed, the cylinders prevent plugging and vibration. Improve your material flow and save energy and fuel, especially during tough and damp straw conditions.

Feederhouse Drum Stop Height Adjustment Kit

john deere combine parts

These John Deere combine parts are standard on all 60 Series Combines and retrofits to all 20 Series, 9000, 10 Series, and 50 Series Combines, excluding sidehill combines. Operators can simply change the feederhouse drum by removing the retaining pin and position lever to the preferred position for small grain or corn. Position the lever up for corn and down for soybeans or small grain, with no tools needed.

High-Wear Rear-Rifle Threshing Elements

john deere combine parts

Are you harvesting large volumes in rough conditions like rice, beans, or high yielding irrigated crops? The high-wear rear-rifle threshing element features proprietary Gopalite coating and has greater wear resistance for particles 25 percent harder than chrome.


john deere combine parts

Large-wire concaves are recommended for rice, sorghum, soybeans and corn to extend the wear life. These are standard on John Deere S-Series and STS Series Rice Combines and are available for corn and small grain combines as well. Operators should note that large-wire concaves are not recommended for high-moisture corn above 25%.

Round-bar concaves provide high grain quality and improve productivity when used during corn and soybeans harvesting. These concaves are best when used for specialty crops and are available as an option for rice combines.

Small-wire concaves are standard on small-grain combines and are best for use in wheat, barley, other cereal crops and specialty crops like grass seed. It’s important to note that these concaves are not recommended for use in corn.

Unloading Auger Extension

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Unloading auger extensions give a minimum of 1.5 to 3 feet more length to deliver grain to the grain cart or truck. Delivering a controlled flow of crop to grain handling equipment, this attachment allows for better control of grain harvesting operations. There are two auger extensions available, including a 90-mm and a 75.4-mm shaft.

Engine Air Scoop

john deere combine parts

Are you looking for ways to prevent material buildup on the radiator, oil cooler and air charge cooler? The engine air scoop is mounted high on the machine to pull clean air from above the combine and maintain a cleaner engine platform and air filter. This John Deere combine part is best for operating in dusty field conditions.

Extra-Wide Straw Spreader

john deere combine parts

The extra-wide straw spreader uses two large impellers for uniform distribution of material from the separator and cleaning system. We recommended using this when tillage practices don’t need fine sizing of crop residue. The spreader disks are hydraulically driven by two motors and vary from 150 rpm to 500 rpm.

Cob Deflector

john deere combine parts

Eliminate the need to remove cob deflector for improved airflow in small grain crop. Operators can simply remove one pin and rotate the handle to protect the chaffer area from any cob damage. Also, you can gain better access to the cleaning shoe when harvesting corn and get cleaner grain tank samples.

Hopefully this list gave you a better understanding of the many John Deere combine parts and attachments that can be used to improve your harvesting operations! If you enjoyed this post or want to read others, feel free to connect with us on Facebook, or Twitter!

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