Building on the solid foundation of SeedStar 2, John Deere’s SeedStar XP system takes planters to the next level with advanced monitoring. Especially when paired with GreenStar displays, the SeedStar XP monitoring system offers operators even more information about the planting process from within their tractor cab. Seeds aren’t cheap. So, it’s important to ensure that each and every seed is planted precisely within the seed furrow.


If you’re looking for valuable data about how your planter is performing and what adjustments need to be made for optimization, you should consider the John Deere SeedStar XP monitoring system.

Watch these videos to find out some of the ways that SeedStar XP can help you plant more accurately for a maximized yield. Enjoy!

Understanding Margin

This video will help you better understand row-unit down force margin, as understanding margin is key to optimizing your John Deere planter for active and non-active down force systems. The SeedStar XP monitoring system measures down force margin with load sensors located in the row unit gauge wheel depth control handle. Watch this video to learn more setting down force margins properly.

Using Active Pneumatic Down Force

This video explains how to operate your John Deere planter using the active down force control. This options allows the system to automatically adjust down force and maintain a constant row unit margin. Learn how to ensure optimal planting performance as conditions change.

Using Set Point Pneumatic Down Force

This video explains how to operate your John Deere planter using the set point or non-active down force control. With this system, operators have to manually adjust their down force to maintain a constant row unit margin and ensure the best performance possible as conditions change. Find out how operators can do this effectively!

Hopefully these videos explained a few ways that the John Deere SeedStar XP monitoring system can be used to leverage valuable information, improve planter performance, and maximize yield. We would love to hear some of the ways that you use SeedStar XP to make your planting more accurate and precise!

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