When it comes to planting, farmers only have one chance to get it right. One row of inefficient planting could make a massive difference in yields come harvest season. John Deere SeedStar is designed to help producers better visualize, document, and access their planting data in real time.

John Deere SeedStar

While we could share all kinds of SeedStar product information to inform those interested, it’s probably best to hear from Deere customers that make a living in the fields using it. In this video gallery, growers from around the country  explain how they use John Deere SeedStar to collect the key data they need to manage planter productivity row-by-row, inch-by-inch. Enjoy!

SeedStar Mobile: A Valuable Productivity Tool

SeedStar Mobile has become a necessity for today’s producers looking to increase productivity. Some of the notable remarks from the producers featured in the video include:

  • “It’s easy and it takes a lot of burden off of you. You know your planter is performing because this tells you what’s happening.”
  • “It is another tool in your toolbox of information and for us to continually improve and become better operators, we’re going to have to really get down and start to manage this row-by-row, inch-by-inch, and SeedStar Mobile collects the key pieces of data that are required to do that.”
  • “If you get one row that’s not performing out of 12, that’s almost 10%. Ten percent is what our profit is. If you lose one row that isn’t working right, you could lose your entire profit for the year.”

SeedStar Mobile: In-Cab Experience

Thanks to SeedStar Mobile’s in-cab display, producers are able to see the seed skips and the doubles, instantly. If a problem is identified, producers can then adjust their vacuum on the go. Instead of running a certain way for maybe 30 minutes or an hour where producers are covering a lot of acres, they can understand the effects right away of what is being done in the cab or getting out and making adjustments. Watch the rest of this video to get additional insight from the experts!

SeedStar Mobile: Remote Monitoring

By now, we’ve learned the positive impacts SeedStar Mobile has on crop production from within the cab, but its benefits don’t end there. Managers can log on to MyJohnDeere and look and see what’s going on from away from the field. The remote capabilities of SeedStar make it possible for a team of individuals to work together during the planting season, even if they aren’t all out in the field together at the same time. Watch the rest of the video to learn more!

John Deere SeedStar is just another great example of technology being used to better the farming process. Hopefully these videos have helped shed some light on its capabilities and its potential to be a real asset the next time planting equipment hits the fields! If you enjoyed this post or want to read others, feel free to connect with us on Facebook!

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