When you have a little one who loves John Deere as much as you, you’re going to want to make sure he or she can show off some agriculture pride. John Deere furniture is the perfect way to get your child into the brand and all of its strong values.


Here are eight pieces of John Deere furniture that any parent would want in a child’s bedroom or playroom.

1. Mossy Oak Recliner in Camo

What child wouldn’t want his or her own recliner? This piece of John Deere furniture is perfect for the little one in your life who wants a cozy, comfy chair.

2. John Deere Johnny Tractor Activity Table

This activity table is ideal for any child who wants a special area where he or she can get creative. As an added bonus, it has three colorful storage bins for organizing toys.

3. John Deere Green Table with Two Chairs

To give your children another area to color, draw and play board games, why not bring in the John Deere Green Table with Two Chairs? This set is easy to assemble and made of sturdy wood for the utmost durability.

4. John Deere Johnny Tractor Easel

Do you have a little painter in your life? Make sure he or she has a place to show off that talent with the John Deere Johnny Tractor Easel.

5. John Deere Purple Overnight Chair

Every little girl loves to have sleepovers, which means you’re going to need this piece of John Deere furniture if you have one at home. The product can be converted into a bed for sleeping whenever your child has friends over.

6. John Deere Purple Storage & Toy Box

toy box

If clutter has always been a problem in your child’s room, the John Deere Purple Storage & Toy Box can give you a place to keep everything out of the way.

7. Skirted Rocker John Deere Purple Chair with Ottoman

With an ottoman, your child will be able to put his or her feet up and rest in a recliner, just like you! This rocker comes in a beautiful purple hue and includes the John Deere logo.

8. John Deere Toybox Set

This toy box set also doubles as a playing surface, making it one of the more versatile pieces of the John Deere furniture line. Additionally, it has a seat that can be pulled out on the right-hand side for comfort and convenience.

As you look to decorate your child’s most-used room to show off his or her style, take a look at the John Deere furniture collection. There’s a good chance that it includes pieces that both you and your little one will love.

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