Home and property owners understand there are a number of yard-related projects that require their attention during the winter, spring, summer and fall. To take on these projects with confidence and ambition, many consider an investment in a lawn tractor. With so many options available, it’s important to enter the buying process knowing exactly what type of tractor will best suit your needs.

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Before going to the dealership or inspecting equipment options online, make sure you do your own personal recon, while also answering these questions:

How large is the property you’ll be maintaining?

When thinking about buying a lawn tractor, consider the size of your property before all else. Identifying the area of your property will allow you to begin to narrow down your search right from the start. Doing so has an impact on what features you’ll want to look for as well as the amount of horsepower you will need to get jobs done. If you live on a large 10-acre property with limited obstructions, it might make sense to go with a mower that houses a larger cutting width and more horsepower. On the flip side, if you own a smaller property that calls for working in tight spaces (that larger tractors couldn’t get to), you may want to go with a smaller option.

What size mower deck are you looking for?

After you’ve set the parameter for the size of your property, it’s time to select a mower deck size, in an effort to cut down on mowing time. Larger mower decks will allow you to cut more grass in a faster period of time, but smaller decks will offer more agility. When selecting the mower deck size, it wouldn’t hurt to measure the width of gate entries, storage areas and various access routes to ensure your tractor will be able to fit where it needs to go when the mower deck is attached. Keep in mind, the mower deck width is typically a few inches wider than the mowing width.

What type of terrain will your tractor be navigating?

Property terrain can vary significantly depending on its location. Flat, less challenging terrain allows you to select a tractor with the least amount of horsepower, while terrain with slopes and hills will require more horsepower and added stability. Also think about the amount of trees in your mowing space. Mowing or maneuvering tightly around trees will call for a tractor that can do so with ease, like All Wheel Steer (AWS) models. Always remember to exercise caution when operating tractors on slopes and never try to get a job done on unsafe terrain.

What will be the primary use of your tractor on the property?

After all the above questions have been answered, it’s time to think about how your tractor will be used. John Deere lawn tractors are much more than mowers, as they can perform a wide variety of tasks, especially when they’re paired with the right attachments. Identifying the primary use of your tractor will allow you to then select the appropriate attachments to get the job done fast.

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While these aren’t the only questions to consider when buying a lawn tractor, we believe they are some of the most important when narrowing down the search.

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