Lawn tractors are known for their ability to help users tackle any and all jobs. With different attachments for seasonal use, you can remove snow, debris, mulch, and more. Since there are so many different uses for lawn tractors, there are also many nuances related. Let’s take a look through frequently asked questions related to the uses, attachments, and parts of the John Deere lawn tractor.  

General Lawn Tractor FAQs

While there are many questions related to specific parts of the lawn tractor, such as the battery, there are also many questions that help us understand the basics of these machines.

What is a John Deere Lawn Tractor?

Lawn tractors are typically used for mowing grass, however, with the right attachments, they can also clear large amounts of snow, tow heavy loads, till garden areas, and more. They are extremely versatile and great for more heavy-duty lawn projects.

What Should I Look for When Buying a Riding Lawn Tractor?

When looking for a riding lawn mower, you’ll want to choose a long-lasting machine, as well as the perfect mower that fits your needs. You’ll also want to consider the following questions:

What is the Best John Deere Lawn Tractor? 

There are many different models of John Deere lawn tractors that stand out, such as the John Deere LA105 and the John Deere F525. With so many options to choose from, it can be difficult to decide which model is perfect for you. That said, you’ll want to think about if you need something very heavy-duty, or if you need something that can be used for more everyday duties.

How Large Can the Area Be That I Am Mowing? 

To ensure they can get the most out of their lawn tractor, property owners will need to take the size of their property into account. This will be necessary to consider since it will impact the features and level of horsepower they’ll need. 

How Many Obstacles Will I Need to Mow Around?

When there are more obstacles within an area, the turn radius will need to be tighter. John Deere mowers that have All Wheel Steer typically have a smaller turning radius which helps property owners to cut their grass faster with fewer twists and turns. 

What Type of Terrain Will I Be Facing on a Regular Basis? 

Understanding the terrain of your yard is critical for deciding how much horsepower is needed. Property owners who typically work on flat, easy terrain don’t necessarily need a tractor with a lot of horsepower. Alternatively, those that work consistently on hills may need large amounts of horsepower, as well as additional stability. 

Will I Need my Lawn Tractor for Anything Other than Mowing? 

Most of the John Deere lawn tractors, with the perfect attachment, can perform a huge variety of duties. By determining the primary use of the equipment, operators can figure out the best attachments that they may need for the job. 

Do Lawn Tractors Have an Alternator? 

Yes, lawn tractors have an alternator. The high-capacity regulated alternator charging system is designed so that operators can quickly recharge the machine’s battery. It is also crucial for running any kind of electrical equipment, like lights or a sprayer attachment. 

Where are John Deere Lawn Tractors Made? 

John Deere lawn tractors are made in Greeneville, Tennessee, as well as Horicon, Wisconsin.

Can a Lawn Tractor Pull a Trailer? 

Yes, zero-turn lawn mowers, like the z930m, are able to have hitches attached. If you want to tow any pull-behind sprayers, spreaders, or other attachments, you’ll need to consider adding a trailer hitch to your machine. 

How Do Lawn Tractor Brakes Work? 

The lawn tractor brakes allow the machines to stop when needed. That said, you’ll want to be sure you consistently check the condition of your tractor’s brakes because worn-down brakes can add damage to the tractor.

Lawn Tractor Tire FAQs

Tires are a crucial component of the John Deere lawn tractor, as they are the part that keeps your machine driving through the terrain. Here are some answers to questions related to tires and how they need to be cared for.

How Do You Change a Lawn Tractor Tire?

The main steps needed to change a lawn tractor tire are: 

  • Lifting the Mower Up
  • Removing the Old Wheel
  • Installing the New Tire
  • Inflating the Tire
  • Reinstalling the Wheel
  • Lowering the Lawn Tractor

How Can You Remove a Rear Wheel from a Lawn Tractor?

The main steps involved in removing a rear wheel from a lawn tractor include:

  1. Park the Mower
  2. Set Parking Brake on the Mower 
  3. Place Transmission in Reverse
  4. Lift Up the Rear of the Mower Using a Car Jack
  5. Remove the Plastic Dust Cover 
  6. Remove Snap Ring on the Axle
  7. Remove the Flat Washer from Axle
  8. Grasp Wheel and Pull it Off the Axle

Zero Turn Mowers vs Traditional Tractors

There are a few differences between zero-turn mowers and traditional lawn tractors. Let’s discover which is used in different scenarios.

Does a Zero Turn Cut Better Than a Lawn Tractor?

Zero-turn mowers are designed to cut grass 50% faster than a traditional lawn tractor. This makes an improvement to the straight-line mowing speed. The typical lawn tractor can cut at a rate of about 3-4 mph, while a zero-turn mower can cut at 5-8 mph. However, slower speeds provide a cleaner cut, making traditional lawn tractors better for quality.

Lawn Tractor Battery FAQs

Batteries are crucial to a lawn tractor, as they help keep the machine and its tertiary features running. Let’s talk through some questions related to lawn tractor batteries.

How Long Do Lawn Tractor Batteries Last?

Lawn tractor batteries typically last between 3-5 years on average.

How Do You Charge a Lawn Tractor Battery? 

The steps to charging a lawn tractor battery include:

  1. Make sure to put on protective clothing, such as gloves or safety glasses
  2. Unplug the charger from its electrical outlet
  3. Get to the mower’s battery
  4. Connect the positive and negative charging cables to the positive and negative battery terminals
  5. Toggle the charger’s voltage so that it matches the battery’s voltage
  6. Plug the charger into the electrical outlet
  7. Wait for a full charge before disconnecting the battery charger

How Many Volts is a Lawn Tractor Battery? 

Lawn tractors typically have around 12 volts when using a healthy battery.

Lawn Tractors in the Snow FAQs

Snow can be difficult to plow and remove. A lawn tractor can make that a lot easier. Let’s take a look at some of the frequently asked questions about lawn tractors in snow.

How Do You Install Tire Chains on a Lawn Tractor?

The 4 steps related to installing tire chains are as follows:

  1. Drape the chain onto the tire
  2. Attach a regular hook so that the inside is attached to a link on the other side of the chain
  3. Fold the lever fastener so that it goes back 180 degrees
  4. Hook the end so that it goes through a link on the rim chain

How Can You Winterize a Lawn Tractor? 

There are many different attachments that can be used to winterize a lawn tractor, including:

  • Floor Mats: When snow starts to melt, thick mud can get tracked into vehicles. Floor mats help to track this mud and keep everything clean.
  • Cab Heater: Cab heater kits can help increase the temperature in the cab so you can feel comfortable in the winter. 
  • Seat Cover: Seat covers help you avoid the wetness from melted snow since they have a centralized drain hole.
  • Vehicle Cover: A vehicle cover is made of heavy-weighted fabric to protect your entire machine from tough conditions, no matter the weather.

Do Lawn Tractor Snow Blowers Work? 

Lawn tractor snow blowers can be perfect for landowners that live in areas where snow is a problem. This type of snow blower works by cutting through heavy snow and ice – blowing it up to 45 feet away. 

Final Thoughts

Lawn tractors are crucial for many property owners, as they are one of the most versatile machines available. If you have any questions about John Deere lawn tractors, you can contact your local John Deere dealer.

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