The John Deere 9630 is a favorite in the tractor community, as it includes a host of features that are designed to help drive profits to the bottom line. With an impressive 530 engine hp and comfortable operating station, the 9630 has been designed with the customer and productivity in mind.

Let’s take a look at some of the key features of this 4WD tractor.

13.5 L PowerTech™ Plus Engine

These engines are installed in the 9330 through 9630 models, featuring improved torque curve. By moving the peak torque from 1400 rpm up to 1600 rpm, torque rises quicker, improving the engine’s response to changing loads.

18-Speed PowerShift Transmission (PST)

This transmission plays host to 18 forward and 6 reverse speeds, with the capability of neutral gear shifts up to 13th forward. It also includes speed matching from 18th forward to 13th forward and clutchless shuttle-shifting between 11th forward and third reverse. The transmissions’ speeds are spaced in a way that ensures operators can take full advantage of engine power bulge and torque.

John Deere ActiveSeat™

Optional for tractor buyers, this seat is designed for increased comfort by automatically sensing vertical movement of the tractor and reacting in the opposite direction to maintain a steady position, regardless of the terrain. The seat’s sensor sends 200 signals per second to maximize comfort.


Includes four selective control valves on the front, allowing more convenient operation of implements. CommandARM also includes covers for the SCV levers to prevent unwanted movement.

John Deere Design

Deere’s innovative design provides a consistent visibility level with a large engine and cooling package. This design also provides easier maintenance for when service is required.


This is the tractor’s central information system. It allows operators to program various settings and tailor the readings so they are helpful based on the operation. The center display is made up of two parts, which allow operators to choose the information they want to monitor. The top half of the display monitors one of four constant functions, including percent slip engine hours, PTO speed, and clock. Operators can then choose another function to show in the lower half of the screen.

GreenStar™ Ready Harness

The 9630 comes with a harness and implement connector to ensure operators can leverage Deere precision farming technology to its fullest.

FieldVision™ Lighting

This lighting option replaces the three front halogen lights with HID Xenon field lights, increasing light life and forward lighting to over 750 ft.

Larger Entry/Exit Platform

Compared to 9020 models, the 9630 has 2.2 cu ft of additional space for items or to stand on when opening or closing the door. A fourth step has also been added to simplify entry with group 48 tires.

Heavy-Duty Wheels and Hubs

These features improve clamping force between the wheel and axle shaft and reduce re-torquing of wheel wedge hardware.

The John Deere 9630 remains a favorite in the used tractor market. We hope this post help shed some light on why. If you enjoyed this post or want to read others, feel free to connect with us on Facebook, or Twitter!

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