Riding greens mowers from John Deere make the task of maintaining a golf course simple and enjoyable. This equipment is designed to provide the utmost precision and ease of use for the operator. With riding greens mowers from John Deere, users will have peace of mind knowing they’re utilizing some of the best technology on the market.


Let’s take a closer look at some of the key features of Deere’s 2500B and E Riding Greens Mowers.

2500B Riding Greens Mowers

The 2500B Riding Greens Mowers come in both diesel and gas editions. Those who choose the diesel engine won’t have to worry about noise – the engine is made to operate at a quiet level with the same amount of power. Furthermore, the diesel engine is liquid-cooled for smoothness and efficiency.

Both the gas and diesel 2500B Riding Greens Mowers promise consistent height of cut through contour following. They also have smooth and turf tire options to handle a wide variety of mowing conditions. With a 22-inch cutting unit rear-attach-point yoke kit, these machines can also ensure that the rear roller is consistently on the ground across undulating terrain.

Best of all, the 2500B Riding Greens Mowers have a U-shaped hydraulic reservoir for sufficient cooling.

2500E Riding Greens Mowers

The 2500E E-Cut Hybrid Riding Greens Mowers from John Deere are available in both diesel and gas. Similar to the 2500B mowers, the 2500E mowers with diesel engines operate quietly and smoothly. Both the 2500B and 2500E models include 7.9-gallon tanks for extended riding time without the need to refuel.

The 2500E Riding Green Mowers have an electric reel drive system that eliminates 102 leak points, which reduces the risk of leaks while operating. Additionally, they have brushless electric reel motors that are compact in size, boosting their efficiency and lifespans.

Like the 2500B mowers, the 2500E mowers include the U-shaped hydraulic reservoir for cooling purposes as well. They also have a quick-disconnect hydraulic oil cooler for simpler cleaning and maintenance.

Series B and E Crossover Features: The 2500B and 2500E Riding Greens Mowers share several features. For instance, they offer offset cutting units to eliminate triplex ring and compaction. Their lift arm design also ensures that the cut always has a consistent height, regardless of variations in the terrain.

Finally, both the 2500B and 2500E Riding Greens Mowers have smooth and turf tire options. This allows for less ground compaction, depending on the needs of the terrain.

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