As you look to improve your efficiency out in the field, John Deere Section Control offers a solution that allows you to take control of your input costs. With John Deere Section Control, you can seamlessly handle all of your air carts and CCS planters.


Let’s take a look at some of the features that make Section Control a must-have while you’re on the job.

Automatic Control

Manual control is a thing of the past with John Deere Section Control. Formerly known as Swatch Control Pro™ software, John Deere Section Control allows operators to automatically control all of the sections on an implement. It works smoothly on the GreenStar™ 3 2630 Display.

When John Deere Section Control is in operation, it uses GPS data to turn sections on and off. This reduces overlap in previously applied areas, reducing waste and boosting efficiency. Furthermore, it can be used to review interior and exterior field boundaries.

Boundary Control

John Deere Section Control can be utilized to turn sections on and off prior to reaching an exterior headland boundary before headlands have been applied. This permits the operator to apply product application last for the utmost efficiency.

Multiple Operation Control

John Deere Section Control can simultaneously control specific sections on numerous products. Operators can use up to four different sets of implement sections on equipment that is capable of performing up to four different operations. This allows for more flexibility while working with a single piece of equipment.

ISOBUS Compatibility

ISOBUS is the universal protocol for electronic communication between products, such as tractors and computers. It is designed to standardize communication between agricultural technology, and John Deere Section Control caters to ISOBUS. It uses the GreenStar3 2630 Display as a virtual terminal to automatically control sections of ISOBUS equipment. This means that operators do not need separate activation for compliance.

Less Operator Stress

With John Deere Section Control, efficiency is dramatically improved for producers. Because it reduces overlap, operators can save on the total amount of money that is put toward input costs and farming operations. Because the user does not have to focus on manually turning on a series of sections, there is also reduced operator stress.

Improved Yield

John Deere Section Control can potentially improve the yield for operators. Because some crops are sensitive to excessive seed population, reducing overlap can increase yield in these areas. Furthermore, it can prevent farmers from accidentally over-applying chemicals or fertilizer that may hinder yield.

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