If your little one doesn’t have a John Deere pedal tractor at home, he or she may be missing out! There is a John Deere pedal tractor option available for every little tot, whether your child likes playing indoors or outdoors in the mud.

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Here are 10 tractors you can consider for your loved one:

1. John Deere X-trac Pedal Tractor


This John Deere pedal tractor comes with a front lifting hood, just like mom and dad’s tractor. It has a thick rear axle for durability and anti-slip pedals for the utmost safety.

2. 8360R Pedal Tractor


This option has a strong stamped steel and die cast design. It also has an authentic-looking hood, grill and engine detail.

3. John Deere Farmtrac Classic Pedal Tractor with Loader

Farmtrac Pedal Tractor

Who wouldn’t want a John Deere pedal tractor with a functioning loader? This toy is the perfect way to ensure that your little one gets his or her exercise during playtime.

4. John Deere Threewheel Pedal Tractor with Trailer

Threewheel Pedal Tractor

This tractor has a retro design with a removable hauling trailer for a real-life feel. Kids will be able to enjoy the functionality of the tractor indoors and out.

5. John Deere Plastic Pedal Tractor with Loader

Plastic Pedal Tractor with Loader

This pedal tractor resembles a real front loader. Kids can scoop, drive and dump objects with the toy vehicle.

6. John Deere Kid Pedal Tractor with Trailer

John Deere Pedal Tractor with Trailer

Every John Deere pedal tractor should come with a trailer, and your little one is sure to enjoy this toy. The high impact blow molded resin body is extremely durable and rugged enough for outdoor play.

7. John Deere Farmtrac Pedal Loader with Air Tire
Pedal Tractor with Air Tire

This John Deere pedal tractor comes with oversized air tires for a smooth ride. Its tires also allow for play on virtually any surface.

8. John Deere Farmtrac Premium with Loader

Farmtrac Premium with Loader

This pedal-powered tractor comes complete with a front loader and a tipping digger bucket for hours of fun. Its tires are also made of a strong resin, meaning they won’t wear down over time.

9. John Deere Farmtrac Classic Pedal Tractor

Farmtrac Classic Pedal Tractor

There’s nothing like a classic, and you can give your child his or her own with this John Deere pedal tractor. It comes with a front lifting hood for extra play and a blow molded seat for the utmost comfort.

10. John Deere 4020 Pedal Tractor

4020 Pedal Tractor

This John Deere 4020 pedal tractor will surely bring back nostalgia with Its engine detail, front frame, grille and exhaust stack.

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