Good news – the John Deere heavy equipment lineup has been beefed up in a big way! When customers need heavy equipment, they also need powerful options, advanced machine monitoring, remote diagnostic capabilities, world-class parts and a reliable support team.

john deere heavy equipment

Ideas for John Deere heavy equipment come from a variety of places, including their Customer Advocate Group. In this video gallery, you’ll learn more about the process of building these production-class machines. Enjoy!

Big Front End Loaders

Did you know that 60% of the parts on the John Deere 944K Loader were changed because of the Customer Advocate Group? With a machine this size, you only get one shot at the market. This video stars Larry and Art, two of the many customers who helped John Deere build the 944K Loader.

Big Design

John Deere engineers listen to people who actually play in the sandbox everyday to find out how they can build better equipment and what they need to change. In this video, customers explain the excellent experience of seeing how the design process actually works, from start to finish.

Big Support

Dealer support is almost more important than the design of the machine because the dealer keeps it living. John Deere’s support team can dispatch technicians and have parts there as quickly as possible. Depots are stocked across North America so that, wherever your machine is at, the parts are only a truck away. On top of that, they have the ability to pull parts from the line if they need to and get them directly to the customer. Now, that’s big time dealer support!

This is How Deere Does Big

How does Deere do big? Big iron. Big collaboration. Big support. Big financing. Big relife solutions. All of these things make up the world’s best production-class loader. And, it’s because Deere followed the members of the Customer Advocate Group.

We hope you enjoyed this video gallery and have a better understanding of how customer feedback impacts the quality of John Deere heavy equipment.

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