The golfing season is just around the corner for nearly all parts of the United States. Groundskeepers and golf course superintendents will begin to prepare the tee boxes, fairways, and greens for a year of play. However, without the proper machines and manpower, this process can not be completed.

So, we’ve compiled a video gallery of ten different John Deere golf equipment videos that show machines in action on the course while keying in on some specific features that make them a grounds crew’s dream. Enjoy!

John Deere: Introducing ProGator 2020A

This video introduces the ProGator 2020A and its performance improvements which are engineered for heavy loads.

John Deere: 7500 E-Cut Hybrid Fairway Mower

John Deere Golf introduces hybrid technology to the golf course with the 7500 E-Cut Hybrid Fairway Mower. This model cuts down fuel costs and maintenance efforts while still allowing for a consistent cut every time.

John Deere: Innovation

John Deere is pioneering new technologies to make sure glory days of golf have yet to arrive. Advancements such as E-cut Hybrid technology and programs like John Deere Financial help golf course managers stay ahead of the game.

John Deere: 2500E E-Cut Hybrid Riding Mower

The 2500 E E-Cut Hybrid greens mower is made for comfort, easy control and maintenance, and precision cutting. This high performing, cost saving model is the quietest engine-powered riding greens mower in the industry.

John Deere: Golf Courses

John Deere is dedicated to making golf course maintenance easier. Through John Deere financial and local dealers, John Deere is able to see and address the needs from the customer’s perspective.

John Deere: ProGator 2020A Versatility

The HD200 and HD300 SelectSpray series makes the ProGator 2020A a more versatile vehicle. They offer features such as a centrifugal or or diaphragm pump, hydraulic lift system, and an EFI engine to set the maximum RPM electronically.

John Deere: ProGator 2020A Performance

The ProGator 2020A has ample operating space and a familiar 5-speed manual transmission. This series is engineered for power and has the only four-cylinder engine available in the heavy duty utility vehicle category.

John Deere: ProGator 2020 Maintenance

The ProGator 2020A is easy to maintain, with no grease points, convenient access to parts, and engine diagnostic codes that indicate potential service issues.

John Deere: ProGator 2020A Durability

The ProGator 2020A has a frame and suspension engineered for reliable strength and hauling. It can carry up to 4,251 pounds and the single hydraulic cylinder that lifts the cargo bed is a reliable tool for heavy lifting.

John Deere: Cut Quality

John Deere’s fairway mowers are engineered to mow at a consistent height of cut, safeguard and groom turf. See the innovations that limit bounce and mow at any angle on the 220 E-Cut Hybrid and the 8000 E-Cut Hybrid.

We hope this video gallery provided a clear picture of some of the pieces of equipment John Deere golf and turf offers to maintain golf courses and present players with a freshly cut surface. If you enjoyed this post or want to read others, feel free to connect with us on Facebook or check out more videos on our YouTube channel!  

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